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Dolphin Show in Belek

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Dolphin Show in Belek will delight both adults and children, give colorful emotions and the most sincere experiences. A day spent communicating with marine life will be remembered for a long time as a holiday full of joy and fun.

Dolphin Show in Belek is a tour of unlimited possibilities – to witness a vibrant show of marine life, communicate with seals and fur seals, swim with dolphins, undergo a therapy session and recharge with energy and positive from the best psychologists on the planet. When planning a weekend tour or a family holiday, remember that nothing unites and brings together like spending time together, and communication with wildlife has a positive effect on the emotional state, mood and well-being.

As you know, dolphins are highly intelligent mammals that can communicate using ultrasounds and feel the emotional state of a person, they easily recognize a drowning person and push him to the surface of the water, experience feelings of compassion and empathy.

There are 3 species of dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea – the most common species – the common dolphin has a dark blue color, these are the most cheerful and frisky of the representatives, it is they who accompany fishing fleets and pleasure boats in numerous flocks.

Developing a speed of up to 36 km / h, they jump out of the water to a height of 5 meters and can fly up to 10 meters in the air. These dolphins are found all over the planet – from the coasts of Japan and New Zealand to South America and the waters of the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

The largest dolphins – bottlenose dolphins reach 3.5 meters in length and can weigh about 300 kg. In the Mediterranean Sea, there are also white-faced dolphins, which got their name from their amusing white muzzle. Mammals feed on fish and crabs, shrimps and mollusks. You can watch the marine life, communicate and get to know them better by visiting the excursion “Dolphinarium in Belek”.

About Dolphin Show in Belek

The Dolphinarium in Antalya recreates conditions close to the natural habitat, pools with sea water are located directly under the open sky, but are reliably protected from the scorching sun by a dense awning. The pride and old-timers of the park is the bottlenose dolphin family, 200 kilogram mammals, which from year to year delight local residents and guests of the city with bright performances, stunts and acrobatic numbers.

In addition to dolphins, fur seals and seals, walruses and beluga whales participate in the show. Antalya Dolphinarium also has a reptile park, where the natural conditions of their life are reproduced on an area of 500 square meters. Thrill-seekers can take the risk and get an incredible adrenaline rush by diving into a pond with sharks and rays.

Dolphin Show in Belek guarantees an exciting and fun pastime for the whole family, because everyone here will find something to their liking.

Dolphin show in Belek

The Dolphinarium in Belek is a real water amphitheater, and its performers are talented actors. During the performance, they demonstrate incredible dexterity and flexibility, masterfully control the ball and catch fish on the fly, like lions in a circus jump into a hoop suspended at a height and amusingly ride trainers on their bows, perform the most difficult gymnastic exercises and acrobatic stunts.

Fur seals and seals are also the favorites of the audience, they dance funny to the music, applaud with their fins and bow to the audience. All the inhabitants of the dolphinarium are incredibly friendly and sociable, they gladly allow themselves to be stroked and photographed.

The show lasts about an hour, but it is so entertaining that time passes unnoticed. The spectators sitting in the front rows will be especially lucky, they will be able to directly take part in the interactive performance and get the most out of the incredible spectacle.

Swimming with dolphins in Belek

The brightest and most memorable part of the excursion “Dolphinarium in Belek” is swimming with dolphins. It has long been proven that these mammals have the ability to empathize, they literally scan the emotional state and mood of a person, show empathy and compassion, so it is not for nothing that they are considered the best psychologists, and swimming with dolphins is a highly effective therapy.

Communication with mammals is especially useful for children, they become more calm, balanced, open and sociable. Every young visitor who has reached the age of three can swim with a dolphin; before the swim, you only need to undergo a short briefing and put on life-saving equipment. For more information about swimming with dolphins  please check the link.

Dolphin Show in Belek will delight both adults and children, give colorful emotions and the most sincere experiences. A day spent communicating with marine life will be remembered for a long time as a holiday full of joy and fun.

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Please bring towels and extra clothes to change after swimming.

How much does Belek Dolphin Show cost?

Dolphin show from Belek per person 35€

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  • Round trip transfer
  • Dolphin Show

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