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Diving in Marmaris

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Diving in Marmaris is one of those excursions that will forever remain in your memory, evokes only the most positive emotions, energizes you and gives you a great mood for a long time.

Diving in Marmaris is a dream for beginners and another goal for professionals, each dive is not only an experience, but also new impressions, because depending on the location, weather, time of day, light, shadows and sun, the sea is always different.

Scuba diving in Marmaris has long been a widespread sport and recreation, and its popularity is growing from year to year, this type of leisure simply cannot get bored, the seabed keeps many secrets, and the underwater fauna never ceases to amaze the imagination.

Program of Diving in Marmaris

The Aegean Sea has always attracted researchers and nature lovers with its many islands, underwater caves and a rich historical past, the modern outlines of the coastlines were formed more than 9,000 years ago, and the remains of sunken ships and artifacts dating back to the era of ancient civilizations still lie at the bottom.

In addition to the seabed and more than 2,000 islands, scientists are interested in a rich flora and fauna, about 5,000 species of fish and mollusks live here, the most prominent representatives of which are sea urchins and dolphins, seals and giant turtles.

Going diving in Marmaris, you will definitely meet stingrays and tuna, octopuses and lobsters, see corals and starfish, multi-colored groupers and barracudas. Underwater inhabitants and unusual landscapes will make an indelible impression on you, and the dive itself will remain in your memory for a long time.

Diving in Marmaris involves 2 dives of 20 minutes each to a depth of about 6 meters and takes place in different locations, so you have a chance to get different impressions, get acquainted with the bright underwater inhabitants and view the remains of a sunken ship off the coast.

During breaks, you will have lunch with national dishes of Turkish cuisine and swimming in picturesque bays, you can also sunbathe, enjoy the views of the green slopes and the endless sea, take memorable photos against the backdrop of waves and rocky mountains.

Safety of Diving in Marmaris

The first and foremost rule of diving in Marmaris is safety, for this our instructors are constantly certified and improve their skills, test equipment and select the most comfortable wetsuits. Regardless of whether you dive for the first time, or already have experience, at the beginning of the excursion you will listen to a briefing on safety rules, scuba equipment, features and specifics of the underwater world.

Experienced divers will teach you sign language and give you a trial dive so that you feel confident and get rid of stress and discomfort. Following the simple rules and recommendations of the instructor, you will get the maximum pleasure from diving and will be able to direct your attention to the mysterious depths of the sea and their extraordinary inhabitants.

Excursion Diving in Marmaris – Bright emotions and new sensations

The first dive usually causes twofold sensations, on the one hand, it is excitement and anxiety, on the other hand, euphoria and pride in one’s own successes, but it is worth spending a few minutes under water, and the range of emotions expands to infinity.

Beginners compare their first experience with the behavior of a child who finds everything unusual and interesting. Doubt and fear are replaced by involvement and curiosity, excitement and pride in success, the joy of new discoveries and a thirst for adventure. Everything under water seems unusual – the feeling of weightlessness, the brightness of shades and the proximity of objects, but very soon the body gets used to the new state and it’s time to be surprised at the world around.

Corals and colorful algae, underwater caves and islands, unusual shells and a variety of fish will amaze you with a variety of shapes and colors. While diving in Marmaris, you will see reefs and the remains of a sunken ship, schools of fish and calm rays, deceptive plants – predators and moray eels lurking in deep holes. During the dive you will be accompanied by an instructor who will warn you of hidden dangers and show you the most beautiful places.

Amazing Underwater World

Diving in Marmaris will allow you to open the veil of secrecy and see the underwater world, as in slow motion to watch marine life in its natural environment, learn a lot of interesting things about the habits and behavior of the inhabitants of the depths.

Along with calm stingrays and seahorses, harmless fish and sluggish turtles, dangerous predators inhabit the Aegean Sea, often taking the form of bright shells or exotic flowers;

For the most part, they do not harm a person, but do not neglect the advice of an instructor, it is better to spend time watching the rich life of underwater creatures, slowly explore islands and coastlines, caves and coral reefs.

Diving in Marmaris is one of those excursions that will forever remain in memory, evokes only the most positive emotions, for a long time energizes and has a great mood.

Professional Diving Guide
Hotel transfer
Using diving equipment
Beginner Training
2 dives with an instructor

What is not included

Extra drinks
personal expenses
Photos and videos

Please take it with you; towel, extra clothing, sunscreem, sunglasses, swimwear.

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How much is Diving in Marmaris?

Diving in Marmaris costs per person 30€.

What is included in Diving in Marmaris?

  • Professional diving guide
  • Transfer from / to the hotel
  • Use of diving equipment
  • Beginner Training
  • 2 dives with an instructor
  • Lunch on a diving yacht

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