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Dalyan Tour from Fethiye

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When the soul demands adventure and is eager for discoveries, and a relaxing beach holiday is no longer happy, go on a Dalyan Tour from Fethiye, plunge into the atmosphere of ancient civilizations, learn the secrets of Lycian burials, sail through the winding labyrinths of the river and watch rare sea turtles in their natural environment .

You can go on such a Dalyan Tour from Fethiye both alone and with the whole family, because both children and adults will not be bored, and traveling along the mysterious river surrounded by ancient Lycian tombs carved into the rocks will become a real exciting adventure.

Program of Dalyan Tour from Fethiye

Dalyan Tour from Fethiye has a rich program and starts early in the morning, although the distance to the former fishing village, and now a popular tourist center, is only 60 km. Arriving in Dalyan, you will transfer to a boat and sail along a winding river along reeds and high mountain slopes.

On one of them you will pay attention to the facades of ancient temples carved right into the rock, these are the famous Lycian tombs. After taking a closer look at them and listening to the fascinating story of a english-speaking guide, you will head to Lake Koycegiz, on the shore of which the famous Sultaniye mud bath is located.

Here you will have time to improve your health, absorb the beneficial properties of therapeutic mud, and then go to one of the local restaurants to taste national Turkish cuisine, relax and rejuvenate.

After lunch, an equally interesting program awaits you – on the snow-white beach of Iztuzu, where the Dalyan River flows into the Mediterranean Sea, you can swim in the emerald waters, sunbathe and watch the rare Caretta-caretta turtles, which for many years return to the beach to lay their eggs in white sand.

You can also participate in the blue crabs fishing and appreciate their delicate sweetish taste. In the evening you will return to the hotel, and for a long time you will remember your adventures and show off vivid photos and videos.

Dalyan River and Lycian Rock Tombs

The locals call the small town of Dalyan the Turkish Venice, as the usual mode of transport there is a boat and at the mouth of the river you can see tourist boats plying through quiet backwaters. Such a walk is incredibly interesting, as the banks of the river are surrounded by impenetrable walls of reeds, and it seems that dangers lurk around every turn.

In fact, the reed beds have become home to hundreds of bird species, many of which are found only here. Sailing past the mountains surrounding the river, you will see ancient burial places carved right into the rock, which look like the facades of ancient temples.

You will immediately notice that some tombs are richly decorated, decorated with columns and statues – these are the tombs of emperors and nobility. They are also higher in the mountains, as the Lycians believed that the higher the burial, the faster the soul of the deceased would rise to heaven.

Visiting Healing Springs Dalyan Mud Bath

The healing properties of the thermal springs of the volcanic Lake Koycegiz have been known for more than 2000 years, even then the first mud baths were founded on its shores. Now the most popular health resort is the Sultaniye resort, widely known not only in Turkey, but also abroad.

Radon-enriched spring waters heal rheumatism and back pain, skin and musculoskeletal disorders, heart and kidney diseases. The healing mud of Lake Koycegiz contains a significant amount of sulfur, which rejuvenates the skin and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and the state of the body as a whole.

When making an excursion to Dalyan Tour from Fethiye, do not miss the chance to experience the healing properties of mineral waters and unique mud, even after one session the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Turtle Beach Iztuzu

Dalyan Tour from Fethiye is not only a visit to ancient architectural monuments and recovery, but also a fun pastime on the unique turtle beach Iztuzu. Every year, the rare Caretta Caretta sea turtles listed in the Red Book come to the beach to breed.

Here you can watch them in their natural environment, as well as swim in sea and river waters at the same time. The peculiarity of Iztuzu beach is that at this point the Dalyan River flows into the Mediterranean Sea, and only a narrow strip of white sand separates fresh water from salt water.

Also at the mouth of the river live blue crabs, at the beginning of the 20th century, accidentally brought to Turkey from the Atlantic. On a Dalyan Tour from Fethiye, you will have the opportunity to personally take part in catching crabs, and then taste the cooked catch.

Dalyan Tour from Fethiye will surprise even the most sophisticated tourists and will be remembered for a long time.

Entrance tickets
Mud bath
River Cruise
Professional guide
Hotel pickup and drop off

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Personal expenses
Souvenir photos (available for purchase)

Bring your hat, sunscreem and sunglasses, swimwear.

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How much is Dalyan tour from Fethiye?

Excursion to Dalyan tour from Fethiye for one person 35€.

What is included in the cost of Dalyan tour from Fethiye?

  • Entry tickets
  • Mud bath
  • River Cruise
  • Professional guide
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Lunch

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