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12 Islands Boat Trip in Fethiye

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12 Islands Boat trip in Fethiye  is one of the most popular excursions among tourists. It allows you to sail along the entire coast in 1 day and see not only the old port and the embankment from the sea, but also explore the picturesque bays and blue lagoons, as well as numerous islands located nearby.

During the 12 Islands Boat Trip in Fethiye you will have the opportunity to swim in plenty in the emerald lagoons, snorkel and jump from the yacht, enjoy the picturesque panoramas of the shores buried in greenery and the endless sea surface.

Fethiye is now a popular tourist destination due to its unique location. The city is located between the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and is protected from three sides by high mountain slopes covered with luxurious coniferous forests.

The pride of the region is the incredible beauty of the bays with sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, the colors of which can be argued for hours.

All shades of the sea during the 12 Islands Boat Trip in Fethiye

12 Islands Boat Trip in Fethiye will start early in the morning, on a comfortable bus you will go to the port, where you will board the ship. You have to swim along the entire coast, and, of course, every bay will amaze you with unusual shades of water.

In sunny weather, the color of the sea waves varies from jade to dark blue, and very often you have to resort to the help of a camera, since these shades cannot be described in words.


Kızılada Island or Red Island

TheKızılada Island, it would seem, is unremarkable, it is just a small piece of land 6 km away. from the port of Fethiye with the only building on it – a lighthouse. However, the beach of the island will surely interest you.

Unlike most beaches in Turkey, it has a brown tint, which is why the island is often called the “Red Land”. The soil here is rich in magnesium and has a crimson color, and at sunset the coastline turns bright red.


Shipyard Island

Another beautiful island on the route of the 12 Island Boat Trip in Fethiye  is Shipyard Island. During the Ottoman Empire, there were Greek settlements on these lands, and the ruins of a fortress and a church, buildings and an old shipyard have survived to this day.

During a stop at Shipyard Island, you can go ashore and walk along the ancient streets, or relax on the beach and swim in the warm clear waters.

Flat Islands

Fethiye surroundings are famous for the many large and small islands scattered along the coast. The flat islands are a whole group of small patches of land, the small salt lake located in the center deserves special attention, where you can relax, enjoy the picturesque views, swim and snorkel in the Aquarium Bay.


Katranzhi Bay

Katranzhi Bay is one of the most picturesque in the sea, the green shores are covered with dense pine forests, and the scent of pine needles envelops the entire island. The bay is often called “Smolyanaya” because of the abundance of coniferous trees, earlier resin was collected here, and ships were built from wood.

From afar, the waters of the lagoon appear dark blue, but when you swim closer, you will be surprised how clear and transparent they are. Katranji Bay is an ideal place to watch marine life – sea urchins and stars, flying fish and rare Caretta Caretta turtles.


Surprise from Cleopatra

12 Islands Boat Trip in Fethiye cannot pass without a visit to Hamam Bay, which will attract you with the walls of a Byzantine monastery. Previously, there was an ancient ancient settlement of Lidai, the ruins of which you can discover by walking inland and climbing Mount Yavansu.

According to legend, local residents, trying to please the Egyptian queen, built a Roman bath on a hot natural spring. Cleopatra appreciated the attention of the islanders and the healing properties of the thermal reservoir, and often took baths that helped her maintain her unfading youth and beauty.

The local sources are enriched with calcium and magnesium and have a beneficial effect on the skin, as well as slow down the aging process. You can personally test the effect of healing waters by plunging into a warm mineral pool.

In principle, visiting the islands is therapy in itself, magical panoramas of blue lagoons and mountain slopes improve mood, fresh breeze and cool splashes of waves have a beneficial effect on the state of the body, and the air filled with aromas of pine needles relieves stress and depression.

Therefore, we can say with confidence that a boat trip in Fethiye “12 Islands” is not only an exciting journey through the most beautiful bays and lagoons, but also a balm for body and soul.

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Lunch on the boat (Fish or chicken of your choice)

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How much does the 12 Islands Boat Trip in Fethiye cost?

12 Islands Boat Trip in Fethiye costs  for one person €25.

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  • The yacht has an audio guide in english
  • Lunch on the boat (Fish or chicken of your choice)

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