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Butterfly Valley Boat Tour – Boat Trip in Oludeniz “ 6 Islands ”

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Butterfly Valley Boat Tour – Boat Trip in Oludeniz “6 Islands” is among the tour options that attract the most attention of both local and foreign visitors. The daily tour, designed in touch with nature, reminds a natural paradise hidden among the rocks, and leaves unforgettable memories to its visitors.

With the Butterfly Valley Boat Tour – Boat Trip in Oludeniz “6 Islands”, you can have the opportunity to take a day trip to the dream world, which hosts more than 80 butterfly species. You can swim in the sea of Butterfly Valley, which has the cleanest beach and the clearest sea in the region, have a pleasant conversation against the magnificent view of the valley and enjoy the sun on the beach with unique sand.

Program Of Butterfly Valley Boat Tour – Boat Trip in Oludeniz “6 Islands”

The Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley, where the sharp slopes meet green and blue, which is the destination point of the magnificent daily tour, has entered the UNESCO World Heritage List. Butterfly Valley, which you can visit with a unique daily tour, is a natural fairy tale land that will fascinate you. The valley is named after the graceful and flawless butterflies, and it is home to the most common Tiger Butterfly, as well as more than 80 butterfly species.

In order to reach these butterflies, for which the valley is named, you need to walk towards the humid areas to be able to examine them closely and to take pictures. While you have the opportunity to observe these magnificent butterflies during the daily tour, you can have an energetic, fun and noise-free holiday opportunity such as hiking in the valley, sightseeing and tasting delicious food.

Butterfly Valley Boat Tour – Boat Trip in Oludeniz “6 Islands”

Daily tours are the first choice of those who want to meet a short but quite fun and relaxing holiday at the most affordable prices. You can make use of an entertaining weekend getaway with a Butterfly Valley Boat Tour – Boat Trip in Oludeniz “6 Islands”, as well as spend one day of your holiday in Oludeniz or Fethiye for a day tour of the Butterfly Valley.

We start by taking all our guests at 06.00 at the beginning of the route of the magnificent Butterfly Valley tour program. After a one and a half hour journey, we have an open buffet breakfast break at the restaurant in Bekciler village on the road. After a delicious and local breakfast, we continue on our way with a journey of one and a half hours.

Our bus trip ends when we reach our boat on Fethiye Oludeniz beach. After this stage, we continue our tour route by boat. We will reach the Butterfly Valley after a 40-minute trip with a boat tour where you will have a peaceful time in pleasant, quiet coves.

The waterfall, pouring from the cliffs in the valley from a height of meters, passes through the middle of the valley and forms a stream and then joins the sea. With this visual feast, you can enjoy the beauties of spring and get rid of the tiredness of the whole year with one day.
The time allocated for Butterfly Valley is ending.

After this period, we go to Oludeniz again by boat. And in Oludeniz, we give our guests an hour of free time. After this one hour, which is an inevitable time for your souvenirs that you can buy for yourself and your loved ones, we start the journey by car towards the starting point of the tour.

Don’t Forget To Take With You

You should have all the items you may need during your vacation, such as a swimsuit, towel, camera, sunscreen, and sunglasses in your bag. Because you will be able to examine different types of butterflies and rocks while swimming and sunbathing on the day tour of Butterfly Valley.

Book Butterfly Valley Boat Tour – Boat Trip in Oludeniz “6 Islands”

Making an early reservation for the Butterfly Valley Boat Tour from Fethiye is very important for you to be a participant in this magnificent tour, which many local and foreign tourists flock throughout the year. You can pay for the tour, which you can participate alone or with your loved ones, on the day of the tour or before, with the payment method you want.

Tour Book In Turkey, which makes the most affordable and fun tour plan in order to make new friendships or to have an unforgettable adventure with your friends, has organized an entertaining tour route by considering all the details so that its guests can have a quality day and return with unforgettable memories.
You can fill out the form or contact our team by calling our contact numbers to get information about all other tours and tour details, including the  Butterfly Valley Boat Tour – Boat Trip in Oludeniz “6 Islands”.

If you are dreaming of a wonderful holiday where you can enjoy natural beauties with Butterfly Valley Boat Tour from Fethiye , and if you want to organize an economical holiday by taking advantage of early booking opportunities, this tour is for you. You can contact with us for Butterfly Valley Boat Tour – Boat Trip in Oludeniz “6 Islands” or for other daily tours in Fethiye.

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Bring your hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, swimwear.

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How much does Butterfly Valley Boat Tour "6 islands" cost?

Butterfly Valley Boat Tour “6 islands” per person costs 20 €.

What is included in the price of the Butterfly Valley Boat Tour "6 islands"?

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