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Cappadocia Tour from Side

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Cappadocia Tour from Side sounds like a dream, because when relaxing in a seaside resort it is difficult to set aside 2 days for visiting distant attractions. However, if you still have time, give yourself a gift and go on an unforgettable journey to the fabulous land of balloons and unrealistic lunar landscapes. Not everyone can boast of vivid photos of magical valleys, underground cities and cave settlements; most tourists have seen these beauties only on the pages of magazines and on TV screens.

Cappadocia Tour from Side, you will witness the balloon parade and, if you wish, take an unforgettable flight over the valleys, visit the underground city of Saratli, explore the ancient center of Christianity and the sights of the Goreme open-air museum, make a clay souvenir with your own hands and take thousands of spectacular photos and video.


Cappadocia Tour From Side for 2 days

Cappadocia Tour From Side is designed for 2 days, as you will have to overcome a considerable distance, walk tens of kilometers through picturesque valleys, see a huge number of historical and architectural monuments.

The first day of the tour will start before dawn, when a comfortable bus will pick you up from your hotel. After a stop for breakfast, you will continue your journey to the central part of the country, and at 10 am you will be in Cappadocia. The tour will continue with a walk through the ancient city of Saratly, 7 tiers of which go deep underground. After examining the life and structure of a unique settlement, you are sent to the capital of pottery – Avanos, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk through the winding narrow streets and ancient squares.

And in a real pottery workshop, you will have the opportunity to make a souvenir out of clay with your own hands. After a hearty lunch, you will make a long-awaited trip to the fabulous valleys of Cappadocia – the Valley of Love will amaze you with unusual-looking rocks resembling giant mushrooms, and in the Valley of the Monks these huge stones can be two or even three-headed. In the Valley of Fantasy, you can give free rein to your imagination, because every stone here has taken the form of an animal or a bird, a fairy-tale character or an unusual object.

You can spend hours looking at the unique creations of nature, guessing what kind of creature is hidden in a stone shell. In the evening, tired but satisfied, you will go to the hotel, where you will have a traditional Turkish dinner with a huge selection of national dishes. If you still have the strength, you can visit the folklore show program in one of the oldest restaurants in the city.

The second day of the Cappadocia Tour From Side is no less rich and informative, it will begin at dawn with a trip to the hot air balloon site, where you can take a fascinating flight or simply admire the breathtaking round dance of colorful aircraft in the sky. After returning to the hotel and having a traditional breakfast with a cup of strong tea or coffee, you will set off to explore the ancient fortress of Uchisar.

Along the way, you will make several stops at the best viewing platforms and stop by the center of the stones of Anatolia, where you will learn the history of the ancient craft and buy souvenirs. You will also have a unique opportunity to visit the center of Turkish and Persian culture, famous in the Middle Ages, where the founder of the Mevlevi order, Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi, lived in the 13th century. In Konya you can taste the local cuisine typical of central Anatolia and known far beyond the borders of Turkey. Having refreshed and rested, you will go back and arrive in Side in the evening.

Way from Side to Cappadocia

The way from Side to Cappadocia is not close, the distance is 500 km, and takes about 6 hours. However, the road will not seem too tiring, as there are stops in the most picturesque places, as well as breakfast in a restaurant overlooking the Taurus Mountains. During a trip on a comfortable bus, a english-speaking guide will tell you a lot of interesting things about the sights of the country, share his experience of living in Turkey, answer all your questions, and give advice and recommendations with pleasure.

Underground city of Saratly Kırıkgoz

The underground city of Saratli is the first attraction you will visit in Cappadocia.

Supposedly the underground shelter was built during the Roman Empire, as evidenced by pottery, kitchen utensils and the ruins of ancient columns. The city had everything necessary for life – storage for grain and wells, living rooms and baths, corridors and stables. Until now, excavations are underway in the settlement, but some tiers are open to tourists.

Valleys of Cappadocia – the main part of the tour

The main thing for which tourists from all over the world go to Cappadocia is, of course, magical valleys, the appearance of which is more reminiscent of the surface of a distant planet. The most famous valleys – the Valley of the Monks, the Valley of Lovers and the Valley of Imagination you will see with your own eyes. It is impossible to describe in words the delight you will experience while exploring the gigantic bizarre rocks. Each of the huge stones is a real work of art, and each angle opens up new views of alien landscapes.

Cavusin Rock City and St. John’s Church

During Cappadocia Tour From Side, you will never cease to be amazed at the creations of nature and man. The history of many of them goes back centuries. So, the Rocky city of Chavushin, founded in the 1st century BC. was once the center of the birth of Christianity, more than 400 churches were located on its territory, some of which have been perfectly preserved to this day. The Church of St. John the Baptist, the Temple of Nicephorus Phokas, the Pigeon Church still keep frescoes and mosaics on their walls, depicting biblical scenes and the faces of Christian saints.

Hotel and dinner

When ordering a 2-day tour to Cappadocia tour from Side, you do not need to waste time choosing a hotel and restaurants, our organizers have done a great job and found a hotel that is rightfully considered the best in the central part of Turkey. And the Restaurants will pleasantly surprise you with a huge selection of traditional dishes and national drinks.

Hot air balloon flight

Which of us has at least once dreamed of soaring like a bird above the earth and admiring groves and mountain slopes, gorges and canyons from above? In Cappadocia, you can make this dream come true and have an unforgettable hot air balloon flight. In the light of the rising sun, you will see the valleys in all their glory, feel the ease of flight and take a deep breath of pure mountain air. An incomparable feeling of delight and freedom will remain in your heart for a long time, and spectacular photos will remind you of an exciting adventurous journey.

Goreme Open Air Museum

Cappadocia is a place of concentration of many historical and architectural monuments included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, and Goreme National Park is one of them. On the territory of more than 300 square kilometers, cave cities and rock formations, ancient Christian temples and unique “fairy chimneys”, tent stones and monastic structures are located right under the open sky. Time flies here imperceptibly, because at every step something new and unlike anything awaits us.

Uchisar Castle

A fascinating Cappadocia tour from Side ends at the highest point in the region, from where the entire endless valley is visible at a glance. Uchisar Castle has flaunted on this peak for many centuries. Previously performing a defensive function, the citadel is surrounded by small rocky buildings, and thousands of windows carved into the mountainside are visible in the sheer cliffs.

This is just a brief information about Cappadocia Tour From Side, in fact, you can talk about all the interesting places in this region for hours, but it’s better to see the unsurpassed creations once and once again be convinced of the magnificence of the rich Turkish nature.

Ortahisar Castle
Derwent panorama
Derwent Valley Trek
Two Historical Church Tours in Cavusin
Love valley
Three Beauties
Pigeon Valley
Uchisar Castle free time
Saratly Underground City
Visit Delik Khan
Overnight stay
Hotel transfer
2 x Breakfast
1 x Dinner

What is not included

Lunch for 2 days
Drinks and personal expenses
Turkish Night show
Hot Air Balloon Ride
Entrance ticket to Goreme Open Air Museum.
Visit to the Balloon Panorama  ($20)

Bring a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. We also recommend bringing extra clothes with you.

How much does it cost to visit Cappadocia tour from Side?

Cappadocia tour from Side from all regions of Antalya – 50€.

How to get to Cappadocia from Side?

Cappadocia tour from Side is preferable to take a direct bus to Cappadocia. From Antalya to Cappadocia it takes 7-8 hours.

How much does a Cappadocia balloon flight cost?

Prices for hot air balloon flights in Turkey are quite high, but at the same time volatile. On average, the cost of such an excursion is 100-300 euros per person.

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