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Adrasan Suluada Boat Tour From Belek

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With Adrasan Suluada Boat Tour  From Belek (Turkey’s Maldives, Suluada, Adrasan) you will get the opportunity to see the Turkey’s Maldives.

Indeed, these bays which are referred by name ‘’Turkey Maldives’’  deserves this title until the end. We are sure that you will approve us as soon as you see it!

Get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of Suluada with Suluada boat trip!

 About Adrasan Suluada Boat Tour From Belek

To make everything even more perfect, we will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Adrasan port. When all our guests are ready, we will take our place on the deck and sail to the endless blue!

During the trip, you may wonder why there are no hotels or facilities around. Because “Wouldn’t a natural beauty resort like Suluada be an excellent option for spawning?” Has anyone thought that?

Maybe it was thought, but some of the coves and coasts on our route are the birthplace of the Carettas, and that is why these living points should be protected from people, pollution or buildings. For this reason, these natural places have not been touched.

If you are lucky enough, you can see them with your own eyes!


Pure Splendor of Suluada – Adrasan Suluada Boat Tour From Belek

Of course, the essence of our Adrasan Suluada Boat Tour  From Belek program is Suluada. So we should talk briefly about it, right?

Although Suluada is a smaller natural formation than other islands, it has a lot of popularity compared to its size! As well as having white sands just like in the Maldives, thanks to the clarity of the waters, you can clearly see the fish swimming around and on your toes!

In Suluada, you will probably suffer from intense indecision: should you lie on the white sand and take lots of pictures of this beautiful scenery or dive into the crystallized waters? We think try to spare time for both; You will not regret!

A Delicious Lunch

After a while, swimming, taking pictures, taking a walk along the shore, chatting with loved ones or sunbathing can be tiring, so you should fill your energy bar.

For this, we will enjoy a delicious lunch together. After we regain our energies, we will continue our journey!

Akseki Bay: The Best Point for a Tragic Love

The next stop will be Akseki Bay, famous for its small cave. And this cave is called Love Cave (or Love Bay, Love Island) and it has a pretty surprising feature of itself.

The waters of Love Cave are cooler than normal sea water temperature. And according to some legends, the lower temperature of the water at this point is due to the tears of a young girl who cried a lot after being taken to the harem and separated from her lover. Too sad story for such a beautiful place …

Don’t be too upset though, because the perfect swimming session awaits you there! You should mix it with cool, untouched water to soothe and cleanse both our body and mind.

At the end of the swimming session, we will come on board and return to Adrasan port.

Join our Adrasan Suluada Boat Tour From Belek

Participating in our Adrasan Suluada Boat Tour From Belek program is the most enjoyable way to enjoy the wonders of nature, to visit the most beautiful swimming spots and to get tan! You will have wonderful memories that you will never forget while traveling in Suluada with us from Adrasan. To nake rezervation for Adrasan Boat Tour Belek or for others activity and daily tours in Belek, you can contact us 24/7 for your questions: We will gladly answer all your questions.

Boat trip all day

What is not included

All drinks on the yacht (except tea)
Personal expenses (photos, souvenirs, ice cream, etc.)


How to get to Suluada beach?

The only way to get to Suluada is to join the boat tours departing from the coast of Adrasan or join our organized boat tour Suluada Island from Belek.

How much does a sea excursion to Suluada Boat Tour From Belek cost?

The cost of the tour Suluada Boat Tour From Belek per person is €30.

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews

Today we visited the Soluada Islands. Very friendly staff everything is organized. Also fast delivery. And the islands themselves is unforgettably very beautiful. Thanks a lot.


The tour yesterday was nothing but perfect!! Our kaptan was waiting for us in front of our hotel as arranged, firstly he was very pleasant and safe driver! He also searched for us after tour and made sure we were placed on a bus immediately after our tour.
Especially we want to thank Cuney Usta, he is not only great sailor but also great DJ, also their food was very delicious! On numara!! Cuney Usta also gave us free water 😭 We didn’t expect to get free (in price included) food and Turkish tea 😍 his assistant is also very kind and hard working! Kelebek 1 Boat is just everything a one can need to have the best day in Türkiye!! We can just recommend it!
Other than that Turkish Maldives and all nature we saw today we’re breath taking, money well spent!! If one wants to experience Turkish hospitality should just book one of these tours of yours!
Cok sag ol, ellerinize saglik wallah!! 😍😍
Dzejla and Amar, Austria

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