green canyon

Green Canyon Boat Trip

An indispensable part of summer holidays, sea, sand, sun, right? Of course, we prefer beaches or coves to cool off in summer. Antalya is the favorite city and stopover destination of thousands of people for this beautiful holiday. Every year, many visitors definitely add Antalya to their summer plans. And they visit well-known bays one by one. So, are you ready for a boat tour that is far from noise, much more peaceful and you will feel yourself in paradise? In addition to the well-known yacht tours in Antalya, businesses or boat owners take their guests to the Green Canyon boat tour. This place, which is a hidden corner of Antalya, starts from Oymapınar dam lake and is located in Manavgat region. Its water is a clear emerald green. Some of the plants around the lake are surrounded by rare plant species. In addition, there are also rare animals living in this vegetation.

Tours take you from your hotel or any location you are staying in. And you start your boat tour. The lake almost greets you with the sounds of different birds chirping. The first sight you will see is the Roman aqueducts. Here you are allowed to take a short break and take a photo. The Green Canyon boat tour usually takes 12-14 km. You can enjoy the sun and the scenery on the deck of the boat during the tour. After about two hours, your boat can stop and take a break to enter a lake. This period will give you plenty of swimming opportunities in the emerald green water, and you can also examine the vegetation and underwater creatures of the region. When the time is up, they will call you to the boat and take you to the restaurant by the lake for a meal. Here, a wonderful menu will be waiting for you, accompanied by an emerald green lake and magnificent vegetation. If you want, you can take advantage of barbecue chicken, meatballs and other meal options. You will complete your meal with the fruits served after the meal.

There are fishing tackles and sufficient number of canoes that the facility has to use after dinner. You can sail in the lake by canoe and then swim again in the cool waters. You can open and fish by canoe. If you want to stay where you are, you can sunbathe and enjoy your holiday. You can contact us to participate in the Green Canyon boat tour activities where you will feel yourself in fairy tales.