Kemer is one of the most important diving centers in the south of Antalya in the Mediterranean Region with its variable coastal structure, amphoras from ancient times, shipwrecks, reefs and caves.

and most importantly, most Blue Flag Antalya in Turkey is located in Kemer. Kemer region offers excellent diving and training opportunities with its clear turquoise sea, flora and fauna and bays, most of which can only be reached by boat from the sea.

In Kemer, which has a rich Mediterranean living community, fish species belonging to the Red Sea are also found.

The water temperature is 19 degrees for January and 30 degrees in August.

When we say Kemer Region, all the districts between Beldibi and Tekirova, including Göynük, Kemer, Kiriş and Çamyuva come to mind, our diving center is located in Kemer and between 15 April and 30 November, we will introduce the Kemer Region under water. for at your disposal.

The PARIS Wreck, lying 31 meters deep off Turkiz Kemer Marina, is one of the most important wrecks in the region.

Large stingrays, moray eels, black screws, tuna herds at certain times of the year, barracuda herds and even endangered Mediterranean Seals are also found in the 3 ISLANDS, which is a rich diving spot of the region.