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Diving in Antalya

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Diving in Antalya is the dream of any traveler, because the Mediterranean coast is one of the ten most popular tourist destinations in the world, long lines of beaches, blue lagoons, an incredibly rich flora and fauna attract more than 2 million people annually. vacationers.

Safaris and rafting, paragliding and off-road jeep tours, excursions from Antalya to historical monuments and sea voyages on yachts delight children and adults from all over the world, because it is incredibly interesting to gain new experience and knowledge, comprehend the unknown corners of the planet and get acquainted with its inhabitants.

To date, only 5% of the world’s oceans have been studied, and only 10% of the species of inhabitants are known to scientists, so the sea depths attract with their mystery.


Excursion Diving in Antalya – Scuba diving and reviews, excursions from antalya

Diving in Antalya will allow you to look at the natural environment of the underwater inhabitants of the Mediterranean, admire the colorful fish and shellfish, watch dangerous predators from a distance, the deceptive appearance of which is sometimes misleading.

The southern coast of Turkey has about 550 species of fish, 70 of which are found nowhere else in the world, these are certain types of stingrays and gobies, dogfish and needlefish, pufferfish and barracuda. The most prominent representatives of the Mediterranean Sea are dolphins, sea turtles, white-bellied seals.

Every day, fishermen catch tons of tuna and mullet, mackerel and gobies, horse mackerel and herring. Also, the local waters are inhabited by lobsters and sea urchins, octopuses and squids, crabs and mussels.

Deciding to join diving in Antalya, you will get an unforgettable experience of communicating with the rich flora and fauna of the hospitable Antalya region of sunny Turkey.


Program of  Diving in Antalya – Scuba diving in Antalya

For Diving in Antalya, early in the morning on a comfortable bus you will go to the port of Kemer, from where you will go out to the open sea on a yacht. Sailing along the coast, you will be amazed by the beauty of the picturesque nature, the clearest emerald water, green slopes and rocks reaching the sky.

After a detailed briefing, you will make your first dive, which will last approximately 25 minutes. Once at a depth of 4-5 meters, you will see all the underwater beauty, corals and algae, sea urchins and a wide variety of shells. With a high probability you will meet colorful fish, jellyfish and underwater predators.

After the first dive, you will be able to relax and share your impressions, as well as recuperate by tasting national cuisine. The second dive will be to a depth of 10-12 meters, depending on your experience and level of training, here you will be able to explore the seabed and hidden caves, deep-sea troughs and underwater islands.

At a depth, the animal and plant world is somewhat different, here, in addition to fish and mollusks, you can find ancient amphorae and fragments of ancient columns, barracuda burrows, and possibly even pirate gold.

If you accompany a diver and just want to relax on a yacht, comfortable sun loungers and sofas hidden in the shade are at your service, where you can enjoy the views of the endless sea and rocky shores, fresh breeze and gentle sun.


Instruction and safety – Diving in Turkey

Diving in Antalya will begin with a detailed briefing, during which you will get acquainted with the safety rules, learn the equipment and features of a special sign language, listen to information about the specifics of the seabed and its inhabitants.

You will also make a trial dive to get used to scuba gear and feel more comfortable and confident underwater. Throughout the tour you will be accompanied by experienced certified divers who know the area perfectly and will be able to show you the most interesting places and protect you from hidden dangers.


Advantages of Scuba Diving in Antalya

Diving in Antalya is an unforgettable vacation for the whole family, for adults and children, experienced divers and beginners.

Going on this unusual sea voyage, you will get a lot of vivid impressions – picturesque green slopes, jade waves of the sea stretching into the horizon, schools of fish accompanying the boat and noisy seagulls circling above the water surface – all this pacifies and reunites with nature, brings a sense of satisfaction and internal balance.

For lovers of drive and outdoor activities, for adventurers and thrill seekers, for romantics and adventurers, diving is a special sacrament that gives the most diverse range of emotions and sensations – from inner harmony and satisfaction to pride and admiration, from overcoming one’s own fears to contemplating the surrounding nature and comprehend its mysteries.

Transfer from and to hotel
Diving equipment
Training for beginners
2 dives maximum 20 minutes each

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Additional drinks
Personal expenses
Photo, video

Bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and swimwear.

Antalya is a good place for diving?

The transparency of the water, providing visibility up to 25 meters, is very suitable for scuba diving.

Is Antalya good for diving?

Antalya has many diving spots due to its location on the Mediterranean coast. The main ones are; Kemer, Side, Alanya and Kas.

How much does diving in Antalya cost?

Diving in Antalya for one person 30€.

Is Turkey good for scuba diving?

There are more than 30 diving spots in Turkey. Most of them can be reached within a 20-minute journey from the Port.

Where is the best diving in Turkey?

  • Side
  • Fethiye
  • Kash
  • Bodrum
  • Kemer
  • Alanya

How much is diving in Side?

Diving in Side for one person  35€.

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