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Saklikent and Tlos from Fethiye

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An excursion to Saklikent and Tlos from Fethiye diversifies a relaxing beach holiday with new emotions and impressions, helps to comprehend the secrets of ancient civilizations and feel involved in the centuries-old world history.

An excursion to Saklikent and Tlos from Fethiye will show you the ancient cities and burial places that this area is so famous for, lead you through the longest canyon in Turkey, open an oasis on the hot coast – a natural park with fountains and waterfalls, a trout farm and hidden in the shade luxurious tree gazebos.

While relaxing on the Mediterranean coast, you will surely want to get acquainted with historical and architectural monuments, unique natural phenomena and ancient Lycian tombs.

Walking along the streets of the ancient settlement, enjoying the pristine beauty of the gorge, swimming in the refreshing waters of a fast-flowing mountain river will charge you with vigor and energy, make an indelible impression and will remain in your memory for a long time.

An excursion to Saklikent and Tlos from Fethiye is suitable for both children and adults, as it combines active recreation and unity with nature, visiting places untouched by civilization and popular tourist destinations.

Tour program to Saklikent and Tlos from Fethiye

The excursion to Saklikent and Tlos from Fethiye will take only the first half of the day, so after lunch you will return to the hotel.

Saklikent Canyon is located 40 kilometers from the city, but it is better to set off in the morning in order to have time to enjoy a walk through the gorge, view the ruins of the ancient city and enjoy the pristine nature without haste.

The first stop on the route of the tour “Saklıkent and Tlos from Fethiye” will take place in the national park, whose area is 12390 hectares.

Here you will have the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna, breathe fresh air, walk along a mountain river or even swim in its cold, fast-flowing waters.

In the ancient city of Tlos, you will see the ruins of temples and baths, squares and an amphitheater, admire the bewitching panoramas from the top of the Acropolis, plunge into the atmosphere of ancient times, bloody battles and spectacular sports competitions.

Local places attract tourists from all over the world with Lycian burials carved right into the mountain slopes dating back to the 4th century BC, the tombs are richly decorated with statues and columns, inscriptions and ornaments, arches and bas-reliefs.

After a walk through the ancient squares and streets, it’s time to relax in the shade of luxurious cedars, breathe clean air, feel the coolness of fountains and waterfalls, taste freshly caught trout cooked on the grill, enjoy the sounds of nature and fragrant coffee.

A stop at Yakapark will only enhance your impressions of the trip and fix the brightest moments of the tour in your memory.

Canyon Saklikent – the beauty of pristine nature

The main advantage of the Saklikent gorge is its wild natural beauty. The 18-kilometer canyon is surrounded by rocks, the height of which reaches 1000 meters, and the rapid Yeshen River flows along the bottom.

The national park has waterfalls and caves, mesmerizing mountains and green shores that reach the sky.

The most daring travelers can take a chance and go along the river, and for lovers of the surrounding nature, special stairs and bridges are equipped, from where you can see pines and juniper thickets, wild daffodils and fragrant rosemary.

Sometimes falcons and eagles soar above the canyon, and mountain goats gallop briskly over sheer cliffs, and this only makes these places more original.

Ancient Tlos and Lycian tombs

Ancient Tlos was founded in the 14th century BC. in the valley of the river Xanthus, during the Roman Empire, it was the sports center of the province and an important city of the Lycian Union, numerous historical and architectural monuments that have survived to this day only confirm the greatness and level of development of the settlement.

Market squares and arenas, basilicas and chapels, baths and cisterns for storing water help to recreate a picture of the past and the life of the population of the ancient city.

Above the acropolis, or the upper part of the settlement, you can see the massive city gates and a paved staircase to the necropolis – the city of the dead, where the ancient Lycian rulers and commanders rest in richly decorated tombs and sarcophagi decorated with statues and columns.

From the top of the hill, impressive panoramas of the picturesque Xanthos Valley and mountain plateaus, high cliffs and evergreen slopes open up. An excursion to Saklikent and Tlos from Fethiye will lift the veils of the secrets of the ancient civilization, help uncover the secrets of Lycian burials and ancient cities.

Yakapark is the perfect vacation for the whole family

After a busy walking tour, you will have lunch in the incredibly picturesque paradise of Yakapark. High in the mountains, among the slopes and waterfalls, fountains and sculptures, you can enjoy the fresh air and birdsong, taste freshly caught trout and fragrant Turkish coffee, admire the flowering garden and the panorama of picturesque valleys.

After dinner, nothing will prevent you from taking a walk through the cozy courtyards and pavilions, taking memorable photographs, capturing the local beauties with your heart.

An excursion to Saklikent and Tlos from Fethiye diversifies a relaxing beach holiday with new emotions and impressions, helps to comprehend the secrets of ancient civilizations and feel involved in the centuries-old world history.

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