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Rafting Tour From Fethiye

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Rafting tour from Fethiye, without false modesty, will be the highlight of your vacation, and even after many years you will share memories of an exciting adventurous adventure with childish delight.

Rafting Tour From Fethiye is just the perfect escape from boredom and routine, a charge of vivacity and energy, new experience and completely unique emotions. Both adults and young tourists can take part in rafting on the river, but it is better to go on such an exciting journey with the whole family, joint overcoming obstacles and teamwork unite and raise morale, teach mutual assistance and support.

Going on vacation to the sea, we dream of spending as much time as possible in the water, enjoying the gentle waves and fresh breeze, but sometimes, especially for thrill-seekers, this is not enough and they look for adventure in water parks and boat trips on yachts.

Joy for the first successes, fun water fun, sincere emotions of delight and happiness will turn river rafting into an unforgettable adventure in which everyone will feel like a pioneer and adventurer, a fearless captain and a desperate sailor struggling with the elements.

The program of the tour “Rafting Tour From Fethiye”

Rafting Tour From Fethiye on the Dalaman River takes place in the first half of the day, so you can fully enjoy the gentle sun and warm fresh wind, enjoy the panoramas of gorges and canyons illuminated by bright rays, steep cliffs and green mountain slopes. Leaving the hotel early in the morning, you will not be able to imagine even a small fraction of the emotions and sensations that you will experience.

In a sports camp located in the middle of a coniferous forest, you will listen to a briefing on safety rules and behavior in a boat, learn a special sign language to easily understand the captain’s commands, try to control the oars and put on the necessary protective equipment. Only after that you will be divided into teams and take a place in an inflatable boat.

Rafting Tour From Fethiye on the Dalaman River will take place in 2 stages, at the beginning of the way the river is calmer, here you can improve your skills and apply your knowledge. After passing the first leg of the path, you will stop for lunch, try local cuisine, walk through a luxurious pine forest, enjoy the silence and beauty of pristine nature, sunbathe and breathe in the fresh air filled with the scent of pine needles.

The most daring participants of the trip will be able to jump off a cliff into a cool mountain river and swim in its fast-flowing waters. After resting and gaining strength, you will proceed to the second swim. In this part, the river is more turbulent, with rapids and cliffs, but this will only add drive and excitement, since here you can compete with teams and arrange real water battles.

Having coped with all the difficulties and overcome all the obstacles, you will arrive at the base, where a bus will already be waiting for you, which will quickly and comfortably take you to the hotel.

Dalaman river

Rafting Tour From Fethiye goes along the fast-flowing mountain river Dalaman, which originates high in the Tauride Mountains and runs along the bottom of an 8-kilometer canyon. Its slopes are covered with dense coniferous forests, and in some places alternate with rocks reaching to the sky.

Swimming along the bottom of the canyon, you feel like you are in the Amazon jungle, where no human has ever set foot, and eagles hovering over the gorge and mountain goats briskly galloping along the steep banks only complete the picture of wildlife.

Rafting Tour From Fethiye on the Dalaman River is popular among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, not only because of the picturesque views, but also the complexity and unpredictability of the turbulent river. The level of difficulty of the tracks is rated at 4 points, and this is a guarantee that rafting will definitely not be boring.

Instruction and safety

Despite the fact that Rafting Tour From Fethiye on the Dalaman River is considered extreme, you should not worry about safety along the way.

The company employs only experienced instructors, who have hundreds and thousands of rafting trips behind them, they are well aware of the specifics of this river, all its cliffs and rapids, therefore, even when it seems that the boat cannot bypass an obstacle or rolls over, this is just a planned maneuver and part of an exciting game. Just before the rafting, you will have a short briefing and training, after which you will go to conquer the steep rapids.

1st rafting – from beginner to professional

The first half of the way you will pass along a relatively calm section of the river, there are no crazy cliffs and sharp turns, and this will give you the opportunity to get used to the boat, get used to its dimensions, learn to control the balance and make maneuvers. Having seized a free moment, do not forget to look around – rocky banks framing the river, high mountains, slopes covered with pines and cedars demonstrate the untouched beauty of pristine nature.

2nd rafting – untouched corners of the wild

The second part of the Rafting Tour From Fethiye will take place along a more turbulent section of the river, every now and then on the way you will come across rocks and stones growing out of the water, rapids and cliffs. The gusty currents will rush the boat at great speed, spinning it on steep turns and throwing it into the air on springboards. At this time, it is better to put aside the panic and focus on teamwork and the captain’s instructions.

At the end of your journey efforts will be rewarded with unearthly beauty views at the mouth of the river, where you can take a breath, admire the picturesque landscapes, swim in the refreshing crystal clear waters.

Rafting Tour From Fethiye, without false modesty, will be the highlight of your vacation, and even after many years you will share memories of an exciting adventurous adventure with childish delight.

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How much is Rafting tour from Fethiye?

Rafting in Fethiye – €30 per person.

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