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Paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer

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Paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer will be the most appealing and enjoyable program among all the wonderful Kemer tours, if you think you are a true adrenaline addict. If you want to have a holiday that is as exciting as possible, rather than ordinary, you should definitely give this activity a chance.

Paragliding in Adrasan  from Kemer take place in Adrasan town near Kemer. This jump, which takes place from a height of 750-1000 meters, takes about 20-25 minutes.

Our flight sessions start at 09:00 in the morning and 1 flights take place every 2 hours;

  • 09:00
  • 11:00
  • 13:00
  • 15:00
  • 17:00

Program of Paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer

In order to start our Paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer adventure, we will pick you up from your hotel in Kemer with our fully equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle at the scheduled time. Then we will drive until we come to Adrasan slopes.

Meeting and Education

On arrival you will be warmly greeted by a professional licensed instructor who will be both your pilot and your companion during paragliding.

Throughout the introduction and training, he will give you detailed information about security procedures, equipment and what to do during the flight.

During this time, when you have a clear understanding of everything and are fully ready to fly, the adventure will begin!

The Pleasure of Soaring in the Skies With Paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer

Adrasan is the perfect place to organize paragliding and you will find out why in seconds! The equipment will be checked for the last time, you will jump with the trainer. During these exciting moments, your eyes will witness a visual feast.

While in the air, you will see colorful parachutes gliding smoothly just like yours. You can enjoy this joyful scene as well as enjoy the panoramic view of Adrasan, which offers a panoramic view: Curved shores, dark blue sea, boats, forests, villages, fields, cliffs, hills… Many things will be waiting for you to watch and relax.

However, this may not be easy the first time. You may feel a little too excited as Adrasan paragliding activity is full of adrenaline.

But don’t worry, our professional pilot will control the parachute and land you safely. For this reason, there will be no misfortune to worry about and you will enjoy every view you observe with inner freshness.


The flight part of the Paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer program will end when you land. You will then ditch the equipment with the help of your pilot. You can also purchase your photos and videos recorded by the pilot during the flight, before leaving the area.

When the time is up for paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer, you will say goodbye to your instructor and other staff, get in our vehicle and return to your hotel.

You are invited to the excitement

If you liked our Paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer content, you can register online to our program. Or, if you wish, you can take a look at other daily tours and programs from Kemer we organize. You can contact us for information. (whatsapp / viber )

All our tourists are insured for $40,000
Required equipment for paragliding
Hotel transfer service

What is not included

CD with video and photos
Any personal expenses

Bring sunglasses, sunscreem, hat

How much does Paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer cost?

Paragliding in Adrasan from Kemer per person €135.

What is included in the price of the Paragliding Adrasan from Kemer?

  • All our tourists are insured for $40,000
  • Required equipment for paragliding
  • Transfer service from and to the hotel

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