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Fire Of Anatolia Dance Show

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The Fire Of Anatolia Dance Show is a globally popular event featuring stunning dance performances for audiences. We invite you to the show “Fire of Anatolia”, the best dance show in Turkey. It will amaze you with its captivating storytelling, fast and flashy action, colorful costumes and lively atmosphere!

Let’s take a closer look at the Fire of Anatolia Dance Show and our tour.


Anatolian Fire holds two Guinness records:

  • The fastest dance performance in the world (241 steps per minute)
  • Has the largest audience of his show (400,000)

An incredible night awaits you

The Anatolian Fire Dance Show consists of 250 professional dancers. Your Dream;

Let you experience a wonderful performance that will make you unforgettable…

Of course, they tell a fairy tale with synchronized body movements.

Focusing on the harmony they bring to the stage, we’re sure you won’t believe your eyes. We’re going to see this thrilling show!

Fire Of Anatolia Dance Show filled with the perfect atmosphere

Professional dance teams will perform their colorful costumes, accessories and makeup on stage. The place where they live is decorated with special decorations and illuminated by them. Thanks to this, it makes you feel powerful.


During the show, you will witness more than 10 different dances, each with a different story:

  • Love
  • die
  • war
  • Peace issues are dealt with.


The collective repertoire also includes two engaging performances:

  • Troy: Telling the story of the Trojan War is a dance interpretation of Homer’s work.
  • Fire Of Anatolia Dance Show: A dance performance based on the historical development of Anatolia. During this show, you will have the opportunity to see rhythmic halays, oriental lezginka, hypnotic performances of spinning dervishes and more.

How did it all start?

Before you join our tour and enjoy the show, you might be wondering how the Fire of Anatolia dance show works:

Mustafa Erdogan is the founder of this community. He organized a competition with dancers of different levels to form his team.

He picked the best dancers and started a very rigorous training: the training was very hard, and the dancers worked 8-12 hours a day. After some hard work, Mustafa Erdogan achieved his goal.

The underlying concept of the Fire of Anatolia dance show, co-hosted with artistic director Mustafa Erdoğan, is the meeting of civilizations.

Now we give you the opportunity to witness this perfection firsthand: join our “Fire of Anatolia” dance show and let yourself be enchanted!

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Personal expenses

Please bring a towel or pillow with you to sit as the seats can get wet at night in May and October and it gets quite cold.

Where is the dance show Fires of Anatolia from Antalya?

The Fire of Anatolia show from Antalya takes place in the ancient theater.

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