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Dalyan Tour From Bodrum

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Dalyan Tour From Bodrum will be remembered for exciting adventures, new experiences, mysterious burial places of ancient civilizations, and of course, the magical beauty of the rich Turkish nature.

Resting at a seaside resort, sometimes you want to diversify your vacation with new sensations, the soul requires adventure and is eager to meet new discoveries. If this is your case, putting aside doubts, go on a Dalyan Tour From Bodrum.

Boating through the winding labyrinths of the reedy river, exploring the mysterious Lycian tombs, wellness treatments in the unique mud center of Sultaniye, catching rare blue crabs and relaxing on the incredibly beautiful turtle beach – not all that awaits you.

A day spent on the Dalyan River will give you an indescribable experience, make you feel like a pioneer and hunter of artifacts of ancient civilizations, a miner and a researcher who uncovers the mysteries of nature.

Dalyan Tour From Bodrum will appeal to both children and adults, because what could be better than communicating with unique representatives of the animal world, having fun in geothermal lakes and on snow-white beaches, and, of course, nothing unites like joint trips filled with secrets and adventure.

Program  of Dalyan Tour From Bodrum

Dalyan Tour From Bodrum will start at dawn, when a bus will pick you up and along mountain serpentines, along olive groves and endless valleys, it will take you for 190 km. from the city. On the way, you can enjoy the picturesque views of green slopes, coniferous forests and high mountains, or listen to fascinating stories of the english-speaking guide about the life and customs of the local population.

At one of the stops you will be offered a traditional Turkish breakfast with fragrant pastries, homemade cheeses and olives, jams and organic yogurt, and, of course, a cup of strong tea or coffee made according to ancient technologies. Arriving in a small picturesque settlement of Dalyan, you will change to a mode of transport familiar to local residents – a boat, and, as if in Venice, you will go on an exciting journey through the quiet backwaters of a mysterious river.

Sailing past a high fence of reeds, you involuntarily get the impression that you are in the Amazon jungle, and danger lurks around every turn. In fact, the Dalyan River is calm and quiet, and apart from fish and crabs, no monsters live in its waters. The river connects the Mediterranean Sea with Lake Koycegiz, on the banks of which the famous health center Sultaniye is located.

Here you can try out the effect of healing mud, swim and sunbathe. After an active pastime, in a colorful local restaurant on the banks of the river, you will try local dishes, and, having rested and refreshed, go to the Iztuzu turtle beach, where you can soak up the sun, walk along the snow-white sand, swim in plenty in the emerald waters of the lagoon.

On the way back to Dalyan, you will have a unique opportunity to participate in catching rare blue crabs, as well as to see the legendary Lycian tombs carved right into the rocks high in the mountains. Toward evening, you will set off on your way back, and make stops at the most picturesque viewing platforms to relax, breathe clean mountain air, admire the panoramas of valleys and forests, take colorful photos and videos.

Dalyan river

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Dalyan Tour From Bodrum is a boat ride along the river bed, surrounded on all sides by thickets of reeds. The river connects the volcanic Lake Koycegiz with the Mediterranean Sea, forming a picturesque wide delta.

In addition to the most beautiful nature and ecology, this historical place is rich in monuments of ancient architecture, the main of which are the Lycian tombs. Burials carved right into the mountain slope appeared as early as the 4th century BC. and outwardly resemble the facades of ancient temples.

By the decoration and size of the tomb, one can judge belonging to a certain class, for example, the burial places of rulers and generals are decorated with columns and statues, rich ornaments and arches, also the tombs of the nobility are located higher on the slope, the ancient Lycians believed that this way the soul of the deceased would go to heaven faster.

Thermal springs and mud baths

Healing thermal springs of the volcanic lake Koycegiz were discovered 2000 years ago, and since then they have been a popular health resort in the country and abroad. Healing mud is rich in radon, sulfur and calcium chloride and is actively used in the treatment of respiratory organs, kidneys and stomach, musculoskeletal system and skin diseases.

Regular use of therapeutic mud rejuvenates and tightens the skin, tones muscles, strengthens bone tissue and improves immunity. Even one procedure is enough to see the effect, besides, bathing in warm mineral waters has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and the general condition of the body, improves mood and relieves stress.

Turtle beach Iztuzu

During Dalyan Tour From Bodrum, you will be lucky enough to visit a unique and unusually picturesque place – Iztuzu Beach. It is rare to see how the fresh waters of the river meet the salty waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Bring your hat, sunscreem and sunglasses, swimwear.

Yacht Trip in Bodrum
Diving in Bodrum

How much does it cost to visit Dalyan tour from Bodrum?

Excursion to Dalyan tour from Bodrum for one person €60.

How many hours does the Tour to Dalyan tour from Bodrum take?

Dalyan tour from Bodrum usually departs from Marmaris harbor at 09:00 am. The boat trip to Dalyan takes about 2 hours.

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