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Belek Buggy Safari

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Belek Buggy Safari belongs to the extreme types of excursions, but in fact it is one of the safest and most reliable. This tour is suitable for both adults and children, as buggies are incredibly easy to drive, maneuverable and overcome even the most impenetrable thickets.

Belek Buggy Safari opens up incredible opportunities – to experience a sense of drive and adrenaline cutting through the impassability, to feel like a real pioneer and explorer of uncharted spaces, to penetrate into the most hidden corners of untouched nature, to observe forest inhabitants in their natural environment, to explore the rich flora and fauna of the Mediterranean coast.

In addition, Belek Buggy Safari is unbridled fun and joy, a sense of pride in oneself and others, the spirit of competition and the will to win in overcoming obstacles and difficulties. A safari unites friends, strengthens family relationships, teaches you to value loved ones, spend time with benefit and learn from mistakes.

Like any sport, off-road rally evokes the most sincere emotions, awakens a sense of mutual assistance and inspires good decisions and positive actions. Finding yourself on a buggy safari in Belek, you will be delighted with the beauty of seascapes and mountain slopes, groves and cedar forests buried in greenery, long coastlines and cliffs rushing to heaven.

The head will go round from the heady air filled with the aroma of pine needles, fresh wind and cool splashes of fast-flowing mountain rivers. Going to the bosom of nature, you will feel like a part of it like never before, imbued with the pristine beauty of impenetrable forests and mountain gorges, waterfalls and streams, canyons and steep slopes.

Belek Buggy Safari program

Excursion “Belek Buggy Safari” is designed for several hours, but you will spend this time exciting and unforgettable. In the morning or in the middle of the day, a comfortable bus will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the site, where you will have a mandatory briefing and training session.

Once you get comfortable and feel at ease behind the wheel, you will embark on an adventurous journey through small settlements and fruit plantations, mountain slopes and juniper groves.

Overcoming distances and climbing higher and higher along the serpentines, you will notice how quickly some landscapes replace others, hills and rocks grow instead of plains and fields, coniferous forests replace wild deciduous forests, waterfalls and crystal clear mountain streams gradually replace long lines of beaches and lagoons.

In the most picturesque places you will make stops to relax and swim in the cool waters of fast-flowing rivers, enjoy the views of the endless blue sea from the mountain peaks, take memorable photos and videos.

What is a buggy?

Buggy first appeared in America in the 1950s, but in Europe this mode of transport is only gaining popularity. Invented for cross-country racing, small cars are now used by hotels and golf clubs, municipal services and sports organizations.

Due to its stability, buggies are characterized by high cross-country ability and easily overcome the most difficult sections of the tracks, in addition, this type of transport is easy to operate and safe. Even beginners who are driving for the first time can drive a buggy. The cars are equipped with driver and passenger seats, so you can safely go on a safari with your family and children.

Safety of Belek Buggy Safari

Going on an adventurous journey, everyone tries to get the brightest emotions, feel the drive and extreme. By following simple safety rules and using protective equipment, you will save yourself unnecessary stress and get the most out of your trip. Any participant of the tour who has reached the age of 17 can drive the buggy, while children can follow the route with interest and admire the surrounding beauties as passengers.

Safety and comfort are the main rules of extreme recreation, therefore, upon arrival at the site, you will undergo express training, get acquainted with the device of the car and the rules of behavior on the road, study the route and terrain features. An experienced instructor will accompany you throughout the trip and help in non-standard situations.

Your path will take place off-road, through forests and mountain gorges, so the likelihood of meeting other vehicles is low, but you can feel all the drive and excitement, overcoming obstacles in the form of cliffs and streams, impenetrable forest thickets and sheer cliffs.

Belek Buggy Safari is a carefree time and unbridled fun, an exciting journey and a bright event, emotional release and incredible pleasure. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a holiday by going with a noisy company to conquer off-road and impenetrable forests, steep serpentines and green mountain slopes. A lot of impressions from a wonderfully spent day will take a place in your memory and heart for a long time.

Belek Buggy Safari Price and Timetable

Buggy Type Standard Price Price For Online
Single 45 Euro 40 Euro
Double 55 Euro 50 Euro

Belek Buggy Safari Timetable:

Every Day: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM / 02:45 PM

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  • Transfer from the hotel and drop back
  • Guide
  • Riding a quad for about 1.5 hours
  • Food, drinks and personal expenses
  • Photo and video shootings


Belek Buggy Safari is for one person 40€.

  • Transfer from the hotel and drop back
  • Guide
  • Riding a quad for about 1.5 hours

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from €40,00

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