Antalya Aquarium Tour

Antalya Aquarium, one of the largest aquarium complexes in the world, offers inspiration and enjoyable moments together. After seeing 40 thematic aquariums, the world’s largest tunnel aquarium with a length of 131 meters and a width of 3 meters awaits you in Antalya Aquarium! What are you waiting for? Let’s all explore the underwater world with this wonderful Antalya Aquarium tour program!

 Antalya Aquarium Tour is one of the enjoyable tour in Antalya. Antalya Aquarium is among the world largest aquariums ever built. Since it is in the heart of the Antalya, it is in a position where you can easily provide transportation.

There are 40 thematic aquariums that you cannot take your eyes off. The tunnel dimensions of these aquariums have taken the title of aquarium with the widest dimensions in the world.


Antalya Aquarium Tour

You can also participate in events such as oceanride xd cinema. If you get tired or have a disability while wandering inside, Antalya aquarium facility also offers wheelchair service. If you want to take a meal break while traveling, you can meet your food needs in many world famous food brands.

   If we detail the Antalya Aquarium Tour ; The snow world, where the most entertaining snow events of the country are organized in a ice museum closed area of 1500 square meters, fascinates you. Real snow was used in its construction. If you get overwhelmed by the hot weather outside, you can cool off with your loved ones at -5 degrees.

You can take pictures in specially designed igloos and St. Nicholas’s house in the same area. If you want to drink something hot to warm up, there are cafes next to you.

    Another interesting point within the facility is the Wild Park- tropical reptile house, which realistically reflects the tropical areas in a special desert, forest and cave concept. The sounds you will hear while visiting the Antalya aquarium facility will create a sense of reality to your trip.

All living species exhibited were brought from all over the world. Among these creatures, you can also see wild type animals. But do not be afraid, all necessary security measures allow you to travel comfortably.

   If you want to experience a different experience, you can buy a 3D movie ticket and watch the movie oceanride. At the end of the aquarium tour, you will have enjoyed a large number of sea creatures, the snow world that will make you feel the real snow winter months and the Wild Park.

You can visit the gift shop that will reflect the creatures and themes that you impress. Every time you look at yourself to your loved ones, you can buy small colorful keychains that will remind you of Antalya aquarium facility and beautiful moments and more. You can contact us for more detailed information, antalya aquarium tickets and organization for this beautiful tour.

    You can turn your Antalya aquarium tour into unforgettable memories with souvenir photos prepared with the holywood green curtain system and special souvenirs. You can complete a day full of adventure with famous flavors such as McDonalds, Mado and GeLatte Italian Ice Cream.

    Located in the heart of Antalya , right in the city center, just 70 meters from the Konyaaltı beach, Antalya Aquarium tour is Antalya’s most vibrant attraction!

   Antalya Aquarium, discover your unforgetable imagination ….