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Night Tours in Istanbul

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Ночная обзорная экскурсия по Стамбулу

Ночная обзорная экскурсия по Стамбулу представляет собой тур по городу на комфортабельном автобусе с остановкой на лучших смотровых площадках. С Дворцового мыса Сарайбурну, разделяющего Мраморное море и залив Золотой Рог, во всей красе предстанут старинные кварталы Азиатской части города, Галата, Босфор.

Night Tours in Istanbul is a city tour on a comfortable bus with a stop at the best viewing platforms. From the Palace Cape Saraiburnu, which separates the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn, the ancient quarters of the Asian part of the city, Galata, Bosphorus will appear in all their glory.

Program of Night Tours in Istanbul

Istanbul is beautiful at any time of the day, in the rays of the rising sun and at sunset, but it acquires a special charm when the city lights up at night. Bridges and towers illuminated by bright night illumination, narrow streets by the light of lanterns, the reflection of lights in the waters of the Bosphorus – all this transforms the city, fills it with magic and mystery.

Going on a night tours in Istanbul , you will plunge into the atmosphere of a completely different city – a modern metropolis, a center of youth culture and vibrant nightlife, and the famous ancient palaces and ancient districts will appear in a completely new look.

During a night tours in Istanbul, you will visit the most picturesque areas of the city, such as Karakoy, Ortakoy, Ulus, Etiler, cross the Bosphorus, passing through the Galata and Bosphorus bridges, as well as the Fatih Sultan Bridge. Many familiar squares and palaces will seem completely different, more mysterious and mysterious, and deserted streets and embankments will take you to the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge is the most popular drawbridge and a very colorful place, although at night you will not get tired of noisy merchants, fishermen, tourists and locals. After sunset, from the Galata Bridge, it is better to admire the coastal landscapes of the European and Asian parts of Istanbul, the Galata Tower, the streets of the ancient Karakoy district and the dark waters of the strait.

Karakoy District

A night tours in Istanbul is impossible without a walk through the oldest historical district of Karakoy, located in the European part of the city. Karakoy found fame as a commercial, port and trade center back in Byzantine times, when the Golden Horn was a separate settlement. In 1261

Genoese merchants received permission to build settlements and trade in Galata (modern Karakoy), the city began to develop rapidly, port warehouses and customs offices appeared along the coast, narrow streets were filled with trading shops and craft workshops. Today Karakoy is no less popular place, however, now it is an area of ​​numerous fish restaurants, pubs and cafes.

Clock Tower

The Besiktas quarter is a fairly wealthy area of ​​modern Istanbul, skyscrapers coexist here with ancient palaces, and luxurious boutiques and salons with the most colorful fish market in the city. The largest palace complex Dolmabahce is also located in the Besiktas quarter, and the clock tower on its territory has been perfectly preserved to this day and deserves special attention.

Ortakoy District

The Ortakoy district, which has long been inhabited by Greek, Armenian and Jewish communities, is now the most fashionable entertainment center in Istanbul. Popular clubs, atmospheric restaurants, expensive boutiques and salons are concentrated in this quarter.


Another modern district of Istanbul is Etiler. Elite restaurants, nightclubs, boutiques, salons, the latest clinics and gyms, shopping and entertainment centers – all this you will find in Etiler.

Ulus Park

Ulus Park in Besiktas is primarily famous for its unique view of the Bosphorus, it is also positioned as a place for family vacations, picnics and outdoor walks.


In addition to entertainment, Besiktas also has Maslak and Levent business districts with many skyscrapers, modern financial centers and banks. Making night tours in Istanbul at night, you will definitely see them.

Mehmed Fatih Bridge

What could be more beautiful than the Bosphorus at night? Having passed the Mehmed Fatih Suspension Bridge, you will enjoy the panorama of the European and Asian parts of the city, the ancient buildings reflected in the waters of the strait, the beauty of Istanbul at night.

Bosphorus Bridge

The Bosphorus Bridge at night can often be seen on TV in films and TV series, news and music videos, this is one of the favorite locations of Turkish directors. The bridge connecting the European and Asian parts of the city is extraordinarily beautiful at night, bright illumination turns an ordinary concrete structure into a work of art. During the night tours in Istanbul, you will drive over the longest suspension bridge in Turkey and enjoy the breathtaking night scenery.

Observation deck in Asia

At the end of the night tours in Istanbul , you will climb to the most popular observation deck of the Asian part of Istanbul, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Bosphorus, the majestic Topkapi Palace, Rumeli Hisar Fortress, Galata Tower.

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