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Dolphin show in Bodrum

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The Dolphin Show in Bodrum is an interesting educational excursion not only for children, but also for adults, which includes a visit to a real performance with an intricate plot and talented actors, communication with the most emotional creatures on the planet, unique therapy and much more.

Everyone knows that dolphins are the smartest inhabitants of the planet who are able to communicate at a distance using ultrasonic signals and scan people with an echo sounder, thanks to this, mammals can identify a drowning person and help him by pushing him to the surface of the water.

Scientists have also proven that dolphins have developed the ability to empathize and they feel the emotional state of people, show empathy and sympathy, which elevates them to the rank of the best psychologists in the world. Unique mammals are quite common in the Aegean Sea, but to get closer to them, you should visit the dolphin show in Bodrum, where you can not only witness a spectacular performance, but also swim with dolphins, feed seals and fur seals, take memorable photos and videos.

Program of  “Dolphin show in Bodrum”

Dolphin show in Bodrum takes several hours, but is remembered for many years, so this performance is best visited by the whole family. Children will enjoy communicating with sociable animals, and adults will remember their youth and watch with delight the acrobatic stunts and virtuoso jumps of the artists.

The performance arena is located right in the bay of the Aegean Sea, which creates comfort and conditions close to the natural environment for marine life. Dolphins, seals and fur seals are incredibly good-natured and open, they willingly take pictures with visitors, applaud amusingly, catch fish on the fly, and the lucky ones who have the chance to swim with dolphins note that this is not just swimming, but a tandem with a reliable understanding friend who is ready come to the aid and support in a difficult situation.

Dolphin show

Dolphin show in Bodrum is not just a circus performance, although these mammals are quick to learn and easy to train, this is a whole open-air action. The scene is a fenced-off bay of the Aegean Sea, and seats for spectators are equipped right on the shore. In fact, dolphins have fun in their natural environment and enjoy the performance just as much as the visitors.

They, like real artists, are happy to demonstrate their many talents and sincerely rejoice in applause and praise. Watching acrobatic numbers and gymnastic tricks, one can say with confidence that between trainers and wards is not just a working relationship, but real friendship and affection.

Dolphin show in Bodrum lasts 50 minutes, but it takes place in one breath, the artists deftly play ball, jump into a hoop placed at a height, fervently roll instructors on their noses, make funny sounds, which cause undisguised delight of the public.

In addition to dolphins, the stars of the show are fur seals and walruses, they amuse the audience with singing and incendiary dances, drawing and complex acrobatic numbers. At the end of the performance, everyone is happy to take pictures with sea animals, they can pet them and feed them with fish.

Communication with dolphins is a health benefit

It has long been a proven fact that communication with dolphins has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of a person; special rehabilitation centers that help people with various diseases are located in many countries of the world. The activity of the brain of dolphins and their abilities are not fully understood, but what scientists know is enough to claim that dolphins are the best psychologists.

Scanning the mood and general condition of a person, they are capable of sympathy and empathy, tenderness and care. Dolphin therapy is especially useful for children, communication with open sincere animals makes them less aggressive and touchy, reduces stress and tension, improves mood and helps to avoid its swings.

Swimming with dolphins increases interest in the outside world and self-confidence, develops a sense of compassion and mutual assistance, promotes new skills and strengthens the immune system. After communicating with unique mammals, your child will be more open and kind, welcoming and happy, sociable and calm.

Swimming with dolphins

Visiting the dolphin show in Bodrum, you can not only enjoy the performance from the audience, but also swim with these smartest mammals. This new experience delights both children and adults, in addition, it has a beneficial effect on the body, strengthens the musculoskeletal system, improves immunity, improves mood and stabilizes the emotional state.

A visit to the dolphin show in Bodrum will turn an ordinary day into a fairy tale full of magic, joy and fun. Resting in sunny Turkey, do not miss the chance to give yourself and your loved ones this bright, cheerful holiday.

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Dolphin Show in Bodrum is for one person 30€.

  • Transfer from and to the hotel
  • Air conditioned bus
  • Insurance
  • Guide service
  • Dolphin show

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Created with Sketch. Antalya, Türkiye
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