Private Yacht Tour Antalya

Private Yacht Tour Antalya is one of the most popular activity  in Antalya. Attracting great attention with its deep underwater riches, flora and fauna, Antalya attracts the attention of diving enthusiasts and tourists all year long. This ancient city, which will attract you on holiday with its historical texture and sparkling sea, offers tourism professionals a nice opportunity to give you the best holiday. These opportunities are evaluated by scheduling private yacht tours to satisfy you in the best way possible.

Private Yacht Tour

Private yacht tour Antalya is waiting you. Are you ready for private yacht tours where the deep blue waters will take you away from all the noise and stress of the city? While exploring this paradise, where almost all the riches of nature are together, you will both relax and enjoy your holiday. You will determine the time and route; If you wish, you can explore Antalya’s paradise bays and undiscovered hidden corners under the leadership of professional teams. You will be fascinated and feel very special in this tour that you will not get enough of swimming in its clean sea. The tourism sector aims to collect your most enjoyable memories by organizing the most entertaining, lively and dynamic tours for you.

In the first hours of the day, breakfasts and fruit treats accompanied by a beautiful view are only a small part of the quality service. During the day, you can swim and sunbathe at different locations accompanied by music and entertainment. The services of these tours, where you will feel yourself in a dream when you close your eyes while sipping your cold drinks, do not stop with these. Dinners specially prepared for you and a warm atmosphere where you can have a good time with your relatives will give you and your relatives more than happiness. Nightly entertainment with music organized under the stars will allow you to collect unique memories that you will never forget.

In line with the measures taken due to the pandemic, the tourism sector takes strict measures to protect the health of you, your families and your relatives. The hygiene provided by the yacht crew working in this direction is at a level that will give you confidence.

In private yacht tours, there are hand disinfectants and personal hygiene products in all areas of your yacht, and these services are unlimited in this regard. The areas where you will spend the night on your private yacht are extremely comfortable and disinfected. All necessary hygienic measures are taken in your washbasins and toilets to be used.

We are happy to invite you to these private yacht tours that will attract you with their conditions. You can call us and book to join these special tours and learn more.If you are looking for an environment where you can collect unforgettable memories, cool off in the deep blue waters and share the best moments with your family.