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Covid Measures We Take in Our Private Tours of Turkey

With the lifting of the travel ban in these days of the Covid 19 epidemic, we are all like in the old days; we want to act. We want to go on a journey, and our desire to take action is increasing every day.

In this context;

In order to protect the health of all our guests and our team participating in the tour, we aim to protect the health of all of us during the tour with the right practices. We have determined our Covid 19 precaution list that we will take on our trips.

www.tourbookinturkey.com Covid 19 Precautionary List

Private Tours Of Turkey

• The maximum number of people will be 8 in our Private Tours of Turkey.

1. Thus, tour guide will be able to follow the participants in more detail during the tour.

2. The risk of covid will decrease as the number of people contacted by the tour vehicle and the places visited will decrease.

3.As boutique accommodation and boutique dining facilities can be preferred, special service will be available for our group.

4. We will be able to act more quickly, but with the result of less number of people,

5. Environment-human interaction; We will have the freedom to move freely with the principle of less people contamination.

• In our boutique and private tours of Turkey, we prefer boutique hotels, bungalows and pensions with low accommodation capacity.

As www.tourbookinturkey; By making evaluations about the normalization processes in covid 19 days; By asking ourselves the question “Under what conditions I would like to travel”, we created our road map and conditions in the light of this question.

• We disinfect our vehicles twice a day according to the disinfection rules that must be applied in the Ministry of Health vehicles.

• We will accommodate in facilities that comply with the hygiene levels determined as “Safe facility” by the Ministry of Health, and that also apply hygiene practices to the standards we want.

• In order to be used at the entrance and exit of the vehicle; There will be a disinfectant bottle at the entrance of the vehicle. Our vehicles have non-contact thermometers.

• Our tours are in the concept of culture / nature where we will be intertwined with nature. We visit regions far from the crowds of cities. We will be isolated in nature and travel safely with hygiene rules.

• Our guides and captains in our team completed their hygiene training. As you start each new tour, they will be safely beside you by being tested.

• Hygiene packages will be distributed to our guests at the beginning of the tour. In the package; There will be wet wipes, mini cologne, gloves and 5 masks per day.

• We have created an information form that we will share with our tour guests and detailed information forms that we will hang in our tour vehicles. We will state the details of all the subjects below in these forms.

1. Staff (Guide, Tour leader, Captains) must obey

2. Details that our tour participants must comply with during the tour

3. Ventilation, cleaning and disinfection rules in minibuses

4. Things to be followed in the dining hall and general use areas

Travel habits of travelers have changed in recent years. Apart from classical tours, thematic tours that allow you to get to know local cultures, taste different flavors and go on an adventurous journey are now more preferred.

Taking this demand into consideration, tourbookinturkey.com launched private tours and luxury holiday packages two years ago for those who want to experience a privileged travel experience. So what do these tours include?

We got information about domestic routes from tourbookinturkey.com Exclusive tours manager Halil Kaplan.

How did tourbookinturkey Exclusive come about?

Private Tours Of Turkey

tourbookinturkey.com is a brand that has been in the industry for 3 years. By providing a certain level of trust, we reached a considerable customer base. We have a customer base who traveled around Europe, made standard trips and now want to explore different places.

We launched tourbookinturkey exclusive last year when we started to receive demands from our customers. tourbookinturkey.com exclusive means that the service is one more click full.

What do the tours cover?

Our first goal is to give people experience. In other words, both to show the participants of the tour, to introduce the culture of the destination and to make the local people experience their daily life as a tourist. We have certain mottos. The first is the low number of groups on the tours, the second is that everything is included, and the third is to be in the right geography at the right time.

We choose our guide specially. On tourbookinturkey.com, transfers are made from home to the airport. The group numbers are less on the tours.

The guests know from the beginning which trip they will attend and where they will visit. They don’t pay extra. In places where there are not many alternatives, meals are included in the price.

According to what criteria do you choose the tours?

We have been developing tourbookinturkey.com every year since it started. This year we categorized the tours as Adventure, Gourmet, Culture, Festival & Concert.

We put paragliding in Fethiye, paragliding in Kemer Olympos and paragliding in Alanya, Cappadocia Balloon Tour, Pamukkale Balloon Tour, Rafting tour from Antalya and Belek, Diving tour from Belek and all Antalya districts into the adventure. Tours such as Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Demre-Myra-Kekova, and Istanbul tours are mostly cultural. Some of them can be both gourmet and cultural. We organize tours to the right geographies at the right time.

Are there special tours just for you?

We have a Cappadocia vintage tour. Apart from the normal tour program, guests in Cappadocia can taste wines made in Cappadocia and stay in cave hotels. Of course, this tour can only be done at vintage time. This trip is only with us.

Besides, our private yacht tour is indispensable. It is among the most preferred during the pandemic period.

The tours are more expensive because the number of people participating is small, all-inclusive and more boutique service is provided. It ranges from 500 euro to 15000 euro. The number of days also varies between a full day and 3 days. However, the tour program and the number of days can be stretched in line with the different demands of the guests.

Private Tours of Turkey


Private Tours Of Turkey : Thanks to the special Istanbul City tour, unknown beauties of the cities can be discovered. You can go to every corner of the city with the Istanbul city tour program. Istanbul city tour bus can take you on an unforgettable tour.

The first stop of the Istanbul city tour is usually Galata Tower. Then comes Karaköy, which is home to many art galleries and is therefore the heart of art. Apart from these, places such as Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Süleymaniye Mosque, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar in the historical sites can be visited within the scope of the city tour.

Private Cappadocia Tour: Cappadocia, which enables you to have a fairy-tale holiday with its magnificent nature pattern, historical buildings, museums, Fairy Chimneys and balloon tours, offers rich options in terms of places to visit. Cappadocia, the land of beautiful horses in magical geography, provides you with unforgettable moments and a pleasant holiday with its underground cities, rock hotels, valleys with visuality like poetry and activities you have never experienced before. Some must-see places in Cappadocia;

Derinkuyu Underground City

Goreme Open Air Museum


Three Graces Fairy Chimneys

Pigeon Valley

Ihlara Valley

Devrent Valley

Underground cities

 Some of the Privates tour in tourbookinturkey.com ;

·        Private Pamukkale Tour

·        Private Demre-Myra-Kekova Tour

·        Private Antalya City Tour

·        Private Alanya City Tour

·        Private Cappadocia vintage and balloon tour

·        Private Aquarium tour

·        Private Fishing tour

·        Private Adrasan boat tour

·        Private Dolphin Show

·        Private rafting tour

·        Private Olympos Paragliding

·        Private Adrasan paragliding

.       Antalya, Belek, Alanya, Kemer, Side Private Yacht Tour

·        Private Green Canyon Yacht tour


Private Tours Of Turkey: the best vacation alternative for anyone who is tired of the stress of daily life are considered as special tours. The new holiday concept, where fewer guests who do not know each other but are hosted together as well as closed groups, has been implemented by tourism agencies for a while.

Private tours of Turkey  prices, which the guests can enjoy with the excursion program detailed for them, can offer alternatives suitable for every budget. Although there are domestic travel programs that come to mind when it comes to boutique vacation, most agencies have been organizing boutique trips abroad for many years. The clearest answer to the question of what is a boutique tour is to collect unforgettable holiday memories.