Fethiye Tours Guide

Fethiye tours and excursions, Fethiye the most popular touristic center of our country, is one of the ideal routes to spend the summer holiday with its historical places to see, nature to be discovered and beaches certified with Blue Flag awards. Fethiye offers a wide range of accommodation options from boutique pensions to all-inclusive resort hotels, from ultra-luxurious private villas to seaside camping sites, and offers a full holiday opportunity for those who want to go on day tours either alone, as a family or with a group of friends.

Fethiye daily tours and activities will be examined for you in this article. There are many places to visit and see in Fethiye. If you need a travel agent that you can freely explore Fethiye and its surroundings during your holiday, you can get service on website  www.tourbookinturkey.com.

How To Get To Fethiye?

Fethiye, located in the west of the Mediterranean Region, is one of the most touristic districts of Muğla. Fethiye’s neighbors, approximately 130 km from Muğla city center; Antalya, Denizli and Burdur.

There are many ways to go to Fethiye. Those who want to reach here by air can use Dalaman Airport. In addition, Fethiye marinas serve personal yachts and boats. In other words, it is possible to reach Fethiye by sea by taking boat tours from neighboring regions. Those who want to go to Fethiye by road can reach the district via the D400 highway.

Places to Visit in Fethiye and Fethiye Tours


Fethiye Tours

Places to visit in Fethiye start from the natural wonders where blue meets green, moving towards historical settlements from ancient times.

Oludeniz: Oludeniz, the most popular resort in Fethiye, offers the pleasure of swimming in a chador-like sea thanks to its lagoon structure even on the windy days. Defined as the “land of light and sun” in the Lycian era, Ölüdeniz was chosen as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in 2006, in addition to the many awards it received from world travel platforms. Oludeniz is one of the must-see places in Fethiye with its peaceful scenery. The pleasure of watching paragliders soaring in the sky while lying here and sunbathing is invaluable.

Butterfly Valley: Nature lovers have a temple in Fethiye: Butterfly Valley. Located at the foot of Babadag, which is one of the 100 mountains protected by the World Heritage Conservation Foundation thanks to its rich plant species diversity, Butterfly Valley is a paradise hidden in Faralya village of Fethiye. Butterfly Valley, which is a 1st degree protected area, will be very good for those who seek the peace of nature. Those who plan to spend a few days here can research about Butterfly Valley camp sites.

Tlos Ancient City: There are many ancient cities to visit in Fethiye and one of the most popular of them is Tlos. Tlos, which you can visit as part of the Saklıkent tour, gives you the opportunity to discover many historical buildings and royal tombs from the Lycian period. There is also a restaurant in the area that has a policy of ordering drinks for 5 minutes in the ice-cold waters of the waterfall inside the venue.

Saklıkent National Park: Fethiye’s nature is perfect for relieving all the stress of the year. For example, Saklıkent National Park is a great choice for a day trip plan. Saklıkent National Park, also known as Saklıkent Canyon, one of the most special places of the Mediterranean, is a natural wonder where you can refresh your lungs with fresh air in the lush environment while massaging your feet with the cool waters of the enthusiastically flowing river.

Best Restaurants Around Fethiye

Fethiye’s nature makes people hungry. The landscapes where clean air and forests meet the sea, combined with Fethiye’s unique flavors, leave unforgettable memories in one’s mind. “Well, but where to eat in Fethiye?” We continue with the recommendations for eating and drinking places for those who wonder.

Mosaic Garden: Mosaic Garden, one of the most popular eating and drinking places in Fethiye, welcomes its guests with a selection of Antakya cuisine. Mozaik Garden, which has managed to receive good comments from its visitors, is also easily accessible with its location in Fethiye town center. If you are expecting a delicious meal in an authentic atmosphere, add Mozaik Garden to your list of places to eat in Fethiye.

Ada Restaurant: If you are looking for a place where you can sip your drinks while eating delicious seafood accompanied by perfect views, take a look at Ada Restaurant, which provides free boat transportation. This beautiful restaurant located on Knight Island, “Where to eat in Fethiye?” One of the most elegant answers to the question.

Do not leave Fethiye without doing these;

There are many tours and excursions in that can be done in Fethiye holiday. Safari tours on jeeps, exploring hidden bays, dusting the track at nightclubs or camping in nature… No matter how you plan your holiday, don’t return from Fethiye without doing these!

Extreme sports: Bungee jumping, paragliding, scuba diving, white water rafting, jeep safari, quad safari… You can perform many extreme sports and extraordinary activities that come to mind in Fethiye. In our opinion, do not end your holiday without doing at least 2 of them!

I think the most interesting activity among the Fethiye tours is tandem paragliding. In this private tour, you will feel the adranal to your bones.Tour includes intense adranaline

Oludeniz – Babadag

Location: Located in the Fethiye district of Muğla, Babadağ is 7 km from the seaside. It rises just behind the Ölüdeniz beach and faces directly south. The take off runway is reached from Ölüdeniz by a 45-minute stabilized but smooth road.

Flight Season: Safe flights are available from April to October.

Mud Bath, New Favorite of Tourists: Local and foreign tourists coming to Fethiye and Seydikemer districts go on safari with jeeps for alternative holiday options. The biggest entertainment of tourists in these safaris is the mud bath.

Tourists, who come to the region in the company of guides, first get information about the benefits of mud and then enter the mud pools in groups holding hands. They are dancing and singing in the mud before bathing rub the mud on each other with the instructions of the guides. Then the big mud battle begins. Tourists who clap their hands and feet to splash mud at each other in the pools become completely muddy within a few minutes. Those who stay in the mud pool for half an hour then come out with joy.

12 islands tour is one of the best between Fethiye Tours: There are many uninhabited islands around Fethiye, large and small, with excellent beaches. You can discover all these islands by taking a boat cruise of 12 islands.

Fethiye tours and Ancient city tour: Ancient ruins in Fethiye should be seen. The ancient cities of Pınara, Letoon, Telmessos, Sidyma and Araxa, which are the remnants of the magnificent civilizations of ancient times, take people on a cultural journey in time.