Cable Car Antalya

Cable Car Antalya organized for those who say “I swam and spent a lot of time in the sea of Antalya, now I want to have a different experience. If you say this you can also watch this beautiful city from above. Special tours are organized for you to take a cable car ride away from the noise and cool with views of the mediterranean. We recommend that you prepare your warm clothes in advance.

Lets give some information about Cable Car Antalya. Olympos cable cark is located in the center of Beydağları Coastal National Park, a cable car facility on top of Tahtalı Mountain with a height of 2365 m, in Kemer district on the Mediterranean sea coast in the west of Antalya.

Cable Car Antalya has attracted the attention of both citizens and tourists, as well as gathering their admiration. During the Olympos cable car ride, you will be able to have a comprehensive holiday with your loved ones by participating in various activity tours such as walking and paragliding with a hotel transfer.

  Cable car tour takes 10 minutes from below sea level to the summit. During your journey from sea to sky, you will pass over various endemic plant species and coniferous trees. When you reach the top of the mountain, you will be greeted by a wonderful panoramic view that you can see in 360 degrees.

Cable car antalya

You can immortalize these spectacular views in this location where you can take great shots. At the same time, at the top of the mountain, viewing terraces where you can meet your needs and shops where you can get comprehensive information about the tour will be waiting for you. There are also a variety of souvenirs you can buy from these places for your family and friends.

   The ropeway facility was built by very successful engineers and technicians. During the Olympos cable car ride, these checks and inspections are constantly carried out. Therefore, you can enjoy your holiday comfortably.

Extremely meticulous and friendly employees serve you in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the guests during the ropeway journey. There are areas where you can relax with your family when you are tired. At the same time, you can meet your food needs in the restaurant of the property, which has beautiful and delicious menus, in places where you can watch the sunset and the sunrise with fantastic views.

Accompanied by this deep blue sky and lush vegetation, you can have a pleasant time with your loved ones with hot drinks. The sinks, kitchens and common areas of the facilities are constantly disinfected. There are disinfectants that you can use in every corner due to the pandemic. Therefore, your health is kept safe by the facility.

 How would it be to watch Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean and even the world, from a bird’s eye view from above, with the city under your feet? If we dive to watch this beautiful bay city from one end to the other from a hill… Tunektepe is the address you should go!

Tünektepe is the name of this unique viewing terrace, which is 618 meters high and covered with pine trees, where the Bey Mountains meet the Mediterranean.

    Cable Car Tour Antalya by the Sarısu-Tünektepe cable car line in Antalya offers its visitors an insatiable view at meters of height. One of the new attraction centers of Antalya

Sarısu-Tünektepe Cable Car has become the place where the local people and tourists visit. It takes 10-15 minutes to get on the cable car. The cable car takes 9 minutes.

   After buying this cable car tour from travel agencies local and foreign visitors sipping their tea and coffee at the social facilities in Tünektepe take pictures in front of the amazing view of Antalya that can be seen from a bird’s eye view.