Tours From Belek; For our guests who live in Belek and its immediate surroundings, offers great options. As family; all over Turkey, with our experienced team and dozens of different tour options, we offer a pleasant holiday experience.

If you want to join Belek Tours, you can take a look at our Belek Departure Tours and choose the tour programs that suit you. You can go on cultural and nature trips, go to the blues and sandy beaches during the summer holidays and to the ski centers during the winter holidays.

With a wide range of options in our Belek Departing Tours, it provides the opportunity to have a budget-friendly pleasant holiday. With, we carefully select numerous different routes from Belek for our guests who will participate in beautiful and enjoyable full day trips and tours, make innovations and offer new routes to our valued guests every day.

Cultural Tours From Belek

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Cultural trips from Belek, which has many different options for our travelers who are vacationing in Belek tours, are waiting for you to discover new places. If you want to discover places to see with Cultural Tours from Belek, you can experience the beauty of exploring with, which has many different tour routes.

Belek Tours Program

Tours departing from Belek are made by luxury buses or by plane, and there are tour options with daily and accommodation. Belek Tours offers you affordable price ranges and tour packages suitable for every budget.

You can plan your trips by taking advantage of opportunities and campaigns with our Belek tours that appeal to different tastes and budgets. Are you ready to go on a privileged journey with‘s tour programs from Belek?

Antalya City Tour From Belek

Antalya City Tour From Belek

The first place that those who come to Belek for the first time want to visit is undoubtedly Antalya city center. This ancient city, which is visited by millions of tourists every year, arouses everyone’s curiosity. The places you will see on Antalya City Tour from Belek are; Tünektepe Cable Car, Historical Castle- Kaleiçi (Antalya’s first setlement place), Fluted Minaret, Clock Tower, Hadrian’s Gate and historical Antalya Port.

We are sure that 3000 houses from the Ottoman period will fascinate you with their architectural styles. The place you will visit after Kaleiçi is Düden Waterfall. Düden Waterfall is one of the two biggest waterfalls of Antalya.

Cappadocia Tour From Belek

Cappadocia from Belek

What would you say to a unique journey in Cappadocia, which amazes us with its settlement from the Paleolithic period to the present day with Cappadocia Tours from Belek? You can collect unforgettable memories by visiting the houses carved into the rocks, secret churches carved into the rocks in the early periods of Christianity, the Fairy Chimneys, which are made of lava from Hasandağı, Erciyes and Güllüdağ and which are eroded by natural events and underground cities.

Cappadocia awaits you with many points to explore. If you also say that a pleasant holiday is right for everyone, we invite you to our Cappadocia Tours from Belek.

As, we offer you the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Cappadocia, the Three Beauties Fairy Chimneys(Üç Güzeller), the 4100-meter-long Güvercinlik Valley, one of the most frequented spots in Nevşehir, and many other places.

When it comes to Cappadocia, the first thing that comes to mind will be fairy chimneys and balloons. For all the tourists coming from Turkey and from different countries of the World, Cappadocia tour  means balloon tour.

With Cappadocia Balloon Tours departing from Belek, you will take off to the sky in the early hours of the morning and witness the sunrise, fairy chimneys and balloons displaying a unique view in the sky and immortalize these moments.

With the Cappadocia Balloon Tour departing from Belek, we can guarantee that you will have one of the most different experiences of your life.

Pamukkale Tour From Belek

Denizli Pamukkale Tour From Belek

Pamukkale Travertines, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in Denizli, have been used since ancient times.

Pamukkale Travertines became a frequent destination for foreign and local tourists with Pamukkale Tours from Belek. You can walk on the snow-white stones of Pamukkale travertines, which were formed as a result of an earthquake 400 thousand years ago, with your bare feet on the calcareous waters.

Pamukkale is famous for its travertines made of unique snow-white stones, the Cleopatra Pool, which contains historical artifacts, and Hierapolis, one of the important ancient cities of the Roman Empire period.

By participating in Pamukkale Tours from Belek, you can have the opportunity to see these natural wonders.

Pamukkale- Salda Tours From Belek

With the Salda Pamukkale Tours from Belek, which we have organized as family, you can both visit Pamukkale and see Salda Lake, which fascinates everyone with its magnificent nature and its white color from magnesium. You can also swim or sunbathe in the lake.

Salda Lake has the distinction of being the Turkey’s deepest and cleanest lake. Its deepest point is 185 meters. It is known that clayey sand is good for skin diseases.

Demre-Myra-Kekova Tour Departing from Belek

Myra ancient city is especially famous for its Lycian rock tombs and Roman theater. Rock tombs, inscriptions and coins show that Myra has been in existence since the 5th century BC. Myra Ancient City, which was one of the leading cities in terms of religion as well as administration during the Byzantine period, is also known as the place where St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) lived.

After the death of St. Nicholas, the bishop of the city in the 4th century AD, a church was built in his name. The construction of the church is dated to the 6th century AD. In addition to being a place of worship, it is also important with the sarcophagus of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) here. After the renovations made on frescoes in recent years, the best examples of Icon art are presented here to our esteemed guests.

After visiting the ancient city of Myra and St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) church, we pass to Çayağazı, or Üçağız port. Here we go on a boat tour with wooden boats unique to the region. Our tour, where you will have the opportunity to watch the sunken city from the boat, lasts about 2 hours. Kekova, whose history is not known exactly because excavation could not be done, is surrounded by ruins.

During the tour, it is possible to see the sunken city, sunken shops, half-flooded houses and stairs going down to the sea. A short swimming break can be given when the weather and the sea are suitable. After the boat tour full of history, we return to the harbor and set off for our hotel .

Istanbul Tour From Belek

Istanbul City Tour was organized for those who want to visit Istanbul in a short time. We pick you up from your hotel early in the morning and drop you off at the Antalya airport. After a 55-minute flight, you arrive in Istanbul. Your guide welcomes you at the Istanbul airport and your unforgettable one-day Istanbul tour begins.

The first stop of the Istanbul city tour is usually Galata Tower. Then comes Karaköy, which is home to many art galleries and is therefore the heart of art. Apart from these, places such as Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Süleymaniye Mosque, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar in the Historical Peninsula can be visited within the scope of the city tour. If you want to take a city tour in Istanbul advantageously, detailed information about the tour is on the link.

Yacht Tours From Belek

Attracting and popular among tours departing from Belek, yacht tours will give you an unforgettable summer holiday. Our guests participating in tours departing from Belek will set sail for the beauties of the Mediterranean. You can sail to Antalya and Belek beaches, especially with our yacht tour from Belek. With this tour, you can watch the uniquely beautiful Düden Waterfall fall into the sea.

Our guests staying in Belek can also participate in a private yacht tour departing from Antalya and a private yacht tour departing from Kemer.

Our guests who want to experience the peaks of entertainment on the Pirate Boat tour can also join this tour from Belek. Our pirate boat tour departs from Kemer harbor. We have also manavgat river cruise opportunity from Belek.In Manavgat river cruise tour program there is grand bazaar where you can buy local products.

You will have enough free time to spend time in bazaar.  It is impossible not to be satisfied in this tour with lots of animation and musical shows.

If you want to see the most secluded and clean bays of the Mediterranean, our Adrasan Yacht tour is for you.

If you want to get away from the crowd and be in an environment where green and blue embrace each other on taurus mountains, then our Green Canyon Yacht tour is for you.

Adranaline Tours From Belek

Belek tours do not only consist of cultural tours. There are options for fans of Adranal. For example; Adrasan paragliding, Olympos paragliding, Alanya Paragliding, white water Rafting Tour in Koprulu Canyon, Kemer Diving tour, Quad Safari, Jeep Safari.

The Land of Legends Tour in Belek

The legends you will discover and experience in The Land of Legends tour never end! In The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel Complex, which has an exciting atmosphere where everyone from 7 to 70 can experience their own legend, those who wish can redraw the boundaries of entertainment with their children. Those who wish can experience excitement and adrenaline-filled moments with their loved ones.

In The Land of Legends, you meet excitement, adrenaline and fun with the unique units of the Theme Park, and experience the joy of finding unique gifts for yourself or your loved ones from the leading fashion brands on Shopping Avenue.

With concept restaurants that offer exquisite flavors, you can watch concerts with the enthusiasm of fascinating light games, dance and music. You can witness fascinating and amazing musical performances beyond your senses. The Land of Legends is waiting for you for a legendary holiday where every moment will be lived to the fullest.

Antalya Aquarium Tour From Belek

With Antalya Aquarium Tour You can spend a day with your loved ones in the tunnels, where hundreds of species of sea creatures are exhibited, and in tropical reptile house and areas made of real snow, which will provide you with all four seasons. It is also possible to take photos and immortalize these fun moments.

You can also participate in events such as oceanride xd cinema. If you get tired or have a disability while wandering inside, Antalya aquarium facility also offers wheelchair service. If you want to take a meal break while traveling, you can meet your food needs in many world famous food brands.

Fire Of Anatolia Dance Show From Belek

Every year from April to November, the 2 legendary dance shows “Evolution” and “Troy” (Fire Of Anatolia Dance Show) are held at the stunning Gloria Aspendos Arena. The outdoor amphitheater is the largest stage in the world, and boasts seating capacity for 4,700 people.

From this glorious setting, you will see one of the fastest dances in the world, performed at 241 steps per minute, and learn more about the history of Turkey and the Anatolian region through the dramatic medium of dance.

Swimming With Dolphins In Belek

Participating in an activity-based tour like Swimming with Dolphins will crown your delicious holiday in Antalya with exciting memories. Imagine yourself in an environment full of dolphins, one of the cutest sea animals in the world, with lots of laughter and cheerful faces.

In addition to Belek tours, it opens the doors of a holiday like a fairy tale with its hotels in Belek, hostels and different accommodation facilities.

There are not only Belek tours in Belek. Belek tours is also a region where you can have unforgettable moments with its nightlife.